The iClever Car Jump Starter, a lifeline when you need it most

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The iClever Car Jump Starter aims to help solve a problem most of us have experienced in one way or another. Either it’s our car with the dead battery or someone else’s car. In both situations, we are relying on the kindness of a stranger or inconveniencing a friend or family member to get things going again. The iClever Car Jump Starter gives you the freedom of being able to jump start your own vehicle without begging others for help. as well as allowing us to jumpstart a friend or family member’s car. All of this without the hassle of getting out some dirty long cables or moving any vehicles.

This is so much better than begging strangers or having to wait for your friends or family to come bail you out. Seriously, why would you rather wait for someone to help you and drag out some dirty cables when you could just carry this nice neat little package from iClever?

The iClever Car Jump Starter is able to jump start a gas vehicle up to 6.0L 30 times and up to 20 times for diesel vehicles 4.0L or under with a full charge. That’s pretty impressive for something that comes in such a small portable package. The battery will also hold a charge for 6-12 months but it is recommended to charge it every 3 months.

The two USB ports feature Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 for the 15000mAh battery, allowing you to quickly charge up your phone, tablet, or any other USB device several times over. Thanks to the QC 2.0 charging input it won’t take much time to fully charge and get back in your vehicle. With a flashlight that packs emergency flashing modes included, there is just no reason to not have this in your trunk.

I have to admit I haven’t had the chance to test out the ability to jump start a car yet. This is one of those features I hope to never have to use on this product. There are several reviewers on Amazon that have verified that it works. Since charging my devices and the flashlight work perfectly, I see no reason for the jump starting function to not work either, and having this in my trunk gives me real peace of mind.

If you like being self-reliant or you care about your loved ones not getting stranded in an emergency. Then the iClever Car Jump Starter is perfect for your trunk or that of a loved one. No longer will you have to worry about getting stranded with a dead battery. While a dead car battery might not be a frequent problem for most people. The iClever Car Jump Starter is still useful by keeping your lifeline to the world charged up and providing a flashlight.

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