Moto’s upcoming smartphones and Amazon’s glaring security hole – MCOJ Daily, May 15th

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Motorola’s upcoming smartphones

Motorola apparently has big plans for 2017, with a recently leaked roadmap revealing 9 different smartphones coming out sometimes in the next few months. Included in that lineup is the return of the budget Moto E and Moto G lines, along with the all new Moto C lineup. The Moto X is also poised to make a comeback, as is the Moto Z with two new models.

iTunes is coming to the Windows Store

Following the debut of Windows 10S, Apple and Microsoft have revealed that iTunes is coming to the Windows Store for an easier download process. It’s definitely something no one saw coming considering the rivalry between the two companies, but it’s a smart move for Apple at the end of the day.

Via: The Verge

Amazon’s new Echo/Alexa calling service has a glaring security hole

Along with the debut of the Amazon Echo Show came a new capability for Amazon’s Alexa platform, calling and messaging. Through both Amazon’s Echo devices and the Alexa app, users can easily call each other, but there’s a big hole in security – there’s no way to block incoming calls as long as someone has your connected phone number. Needless to say, we’re hoping this gets patched ASAP.

Via: Medium