Samsung Chromebook Pro now available for pre-order in black, ships May 28th

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At CES 2017 Samsung announced two new Chromebooks – the Chromebook Plus and the Chromebook Pro. While the former has been on sale for the past few months, Samsung has been waiting for quite some time to release the Pro version. Now, it seems that’s changing, as the machine has just popped up for pre-order on Amazon.

Like the Chromebook Plus, the Pro offers a QHD 12.3-inch display in a slim and lightweight body. This new model, however, does sell for a slightly higher price point and comes with a slightly altered design. Instead of the silver color seen on the Plus, the Pro ships in a stealthy Black color which contrasts with the silver Samsung and Chrome logos, as well as the hinges.

The Chromebook Pro asks $549, and for that, you’ll get a fairly similar package for specifications. Namely, 32GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and that 2400×1600 display. The primary difference, though, is the stronger Intel m3 processor which should result in better multi-tasking.

Like the Plus, the Chromebook Pro will offer up Android apps and an embedded stylus, as well as two USB-C ports for charging, display output, and data transfer.

Pre-orders for the Chromebook Pro are open right now at Amazon, with a shipping date set for May 28th. Samsung will also presumably launch this machine at other outlets toward the end of this month as well.

Pre-order the Samsung Chromebook Pro