Google I/O 2017 Roundup: Android O, Google Assistant, and much more

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May 17th was the first official day for Google I/O, and as expected, there was a ton of new announcements. From Android O, virtual reality, Google Home, and more, we cover all of the latest news and announcements that took place during I/O’s opening keynote.

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 The Google Pixel will be able to remove unwanted objects from your photos

Have you ever been in a situation where you took a picture of something but your subject is partially covered up by a fence, tree branch, or something else? Google knows just how annoying this can be, and thanks to crazy smart artificial intelligence, the camera on the Google Pixel will soon be able to digitally remove these unwanted obstructions from your photos so you only see what you want.

Google’s machine learning will be able to remove obstructions from photos

Google Lens brings the Google Assistant to the real world

Speaking to your Google Assistant is great to get updates on the weather, check events on your calendar, and more – but what if you could integrate the Google Assistant into the real world around you? Google Lens is a new tool that will bring the power of the Google Assistant to your smartphone’s camera lens, and even the initial use cases for this look insanely promising.

Google Lens uses AI to identify objects around you, like the Google Goggles of old

Make hands-free calls with Google Home to any phone number

Lat week, Amazon announced the ability to make calls from your Echo or Alexa app to other people who have an Echo or that app installed on their phone as well. However, Google is taking things a step further by allowing Google Home users to call any telephone number. Simply say the person or number you want to call, and you’re set – no additional hardware or software required.

Google Home adds hands-free calling, notifications, Bluetooth support

Android O gets smarter and more feature-rich

We still don’t have a name for Android O, but that didn’t stop Google from announcing new features for the upcoming software. Notification Dots and Smart Text Selection were the two biggest announcements, and although they may not be groundbreaking additions, they still look to be incredibly helpful.

Android O developer preview 2 released, packed with small and useful features

Upcoming Daydream headsets won’t need your phone to transport you to new worlds

Daydream is the virtual reality platform that Google announced at last year’s I/O, but the company took things a step further this year by revealing that we will soon be able to get our hands on Daydream-equipped VR headsets that won’t require a phone or computer to function. All of the tech will be packed into the headsets themselves, and HTC and Lenovo are onboard to intro this next step for the Daydream platform.

Via: TechCrunch

Google Assistant makes the jump to iOS, keyboard input is coming soon

As previously rumored, Google today announced and officially launched Assistant for the iPhone. Through a quick app download on the App Store, iPhone users can access the Google Assistant just like it works on Android. It even includes a widget for convenient access. Further, Assistant on the iPhone includes keyboard input, something that will also be coming to the Android version “soon.”

Google Assistant on the App Store