Google Photos adds faster, easier sharing features and physical photo books

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Today at Google I/O 17, Anil Sabharwal from the Google Photos team announced some clever and useful ways you can share your photos. It was broken down into three main areas: suggested sharing, shared libraries, and photo books. Now, it is worth noting that Google has had great sharing options built into Photos for awhile now — but they all required manual work. Continuing the theme of advanced machine learning at I/O, Google took it to the next level with this Google Photos update.

Suggested Sharing

One of the issues we all encounter with photos is that we will take them, but we never get around to editing and sharing them. So, Google is helping us out with the sharing part. What they’ve done is add a feature called suggested sharing that scans the photos and sees who is in them. Then, it will group photos of that person from a single event/location and suggest that you share the photos with that person. You’ll be able to see these suggestions in a new tab dedicated for sharing. On that sharing tab, you can also see all the past photos that have been shared by you or with you.

Shared Libraries

As for shared libraries, these are pretty self-explanatory: they allow you to share selections of photos from the past and future with someone you choose. Say, you could share photos of your family with your family. What’s really nice about this feature is all the fine controls you have over it.

The example Anil gave in his demo was that he could share all photos of his kids with his wife. So, she could go into Google Photos and see all those photos, or even choose to have those photos automatically added to her library. Alternatively, Anil could have only chosen to have photos shared from after a certain date, or even just share all the photos he took. There’s plenty more ways to configure it, but the general idea is easier, automatic sharing.

Photo Books

We all can relate to the hassle of photos book — they’re time consuming and often are built on confusing web-based programs. So, Google wants to help you out with that by implementing their own photo book service, right into Google Photos! All you have to do to create your own Photo Book is precisely select the photos you want, or even better, select a giant group of photos and Google Photos will use artificial intelligence (AI) to pick the best 20 out of that to create your photo book! From there, you can review the photo book, order the photos how you want, and purchase it right there.

There’s two variants — a 7 inch, $10 softcover or a 9 inch, $20 softcover. Sadly, those prices are only valid for 20 pages. Go over, and it’s going to cost you $0.35 or $0.65 per additional page. It is worth noting that these photo books aren’t super fancy, but they are complete with the simple Google design taste, and won’t break the bank.


Suggested sharing and shared libraries are rolling out to Android, iOS, and web over the next couple of weeks, but you can get photo books on the web starting today. Next week, they’ll come to Android and iOS.

Source: Google