Wednesdays at the Polls: Do you plan to purchase the HTC U11?

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In this weekly feature, we want to give our readers the opportunity to provide some point-and-click style input on some of the questions we have been pondering.

Just in case you missed it, HTC announced their latest flagship phone yesterday. The HTC U11 is a mouthful of a title but offers some solid specs to compete with the big names of Samsung, LG, and even Google. The new 5.5-inch phone offers “the highest rated smartphone camera”, Amazon Alexa integration, and yes, the squeezable Edge Sense interaction.

But the real question is did it catch your eye? Would you now consider the U11 over other offerings from the big boys in Android land? HTC needs a win in a big way in their future, and we want to know if you plan to make the leap to spend cold hard cash? Has the announcement of the company’s latest hardware have you rushing to preorder? Cast your vote below!

Are you interested in buying the HTC U11?

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