HTC U11’s camera shows a lot of promise while the Galaxy’s iris scanner has a new security flaw – MCOJ Daily, May 24th

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Huawei kicked off the news cycle yesterday with a new collection of Windows laptops, and Microsoft was hot on their heels with a new Surface Pro refresh. Further, early HTC U11 camera samples look extremely promising, and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has another new problem with security…

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Microsoft officially announces the new Surface Pro

On Tuesday, May 23, Microsoft officially announced a the successor to 2015’s Surface Pro 4. Simply named as “Surface Pro”, the latest laptop/tablet hybrid from Microsoft is certainly the most subtle update we’ve seen yet. Improved processors, a new Surface Pen, and more flexible hinge are nice, but is this a big enough upgrade for current Surface Pro owners to make the jump?

Microsoft has refreshed the Surface Pro, here are the 5 things you need to know about it

Huawei introduces three new Windows machines of their own

Microsoft wasn’t the only company that unveiled new Windows hardware on Tuesday. Huawei also announced three new products in its Matebook lineup, including the Matebook E, D, and X. The Matebook E and D feature a similar 2-in-1 form factor that the Surface Pro has, but the X is Huawei’s first ever traditional laptop. All of the new Matebooks are currently limited to the European market, but we certainly wouldn’t mind getting to play around with them if Huawei ever decides to bring them to the US.

Huawei’s latest Windows laptops offer speed and style in compact and lightweight packages

Early photos from the HTC U11 are gorgeous

The HTC U11 might not be quite as exciting as other 2017’s flagships such as the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 from a design perspective, but an early owner of the phone recently shared some absolutely gorgeous photos that were captured with HTC’s latest and greatest. The photos taken show off the prowess of the U11’s camera’s low light performance, and if the quality of these photos is consistent all across the board, we could be looking at the best smartphone camera we’ve ever seen.

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Turns out it’s super easy to trick the Galaxy S8’s iris scanner

Due to the lackluster location and performance of the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S8, a lot of users have switched to using the phone’s built-in iris scanner. The iris scanner is supposed to be just as secure as Sammy’s other biometrical security option, but it turns out this isn’t the case. A computer club over in Germany tricked the S8 and its iris scanner into unlocking the phone with just a camera, printer, and contact lens.

Via: ArsTechnica