DJI Spark is a lot of drone for $499 and T-Mobile has a great deal for Verizon customers – MCOJ Daily, May 25th

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DJI blew the sub-$500 drone market out of the water yesterday with its announcement of the Spark. Spoiler alert, we love it and at least some members of the team will own one. Further, T-Mobile has an epic deal for Verizon customers, and Google Photos has a handy new feature.

DJI’s Spark brings a lot of power for not a lot of cash

Quality drones have always been expensive. DJI lowered its cost of admission quite a bit with the Mavic Pro that launched a few months ago for $999, and the company is doing that once more with the Spark – a drone the size of your smartphone that’s selling for just $499. There’s a lot of tech packed inside of this super tiny package, and we simply can’t wait to get our hands on one.

Pre-order from DJI

T-Mobile will pay off your iPhone or Pixel if you’re on Verizon

T-Mobile has never been shy about its distaste for Verizon’s network, and the Un-Carrier is expressing this once again with its new “Get Out of Red” promotion. If you’re currently a Verizon customer, T-Mobile will pay off the remaining cost of your iPhone or Pixel smartphone that you’re currently paying Verizon for. It’s a pretty sweet deal, but there is one tiny catch that you should be aware of.

You can now archive pictures in Google Photos

Google Photos is easily one of the best services out there for storing all of your memories throughout the years, and Google started pushing out a small update recently that should help a fair bit when it comes to organizing all of your pictures and videos. The new feature is called “Archive”, and it essentially allows you to declutter your main timeline of photos without actually deleting them.

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