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HTC has a new VR headset and OnePlus says goodbye to the 3T – MCOJ Daily, May 26th

HTC has a new VR headset and OnePlus says goodbye to the 3T – MCOJ Daily, May 26th

T-Mobile is bringing its DIGITS feature to everyone while Belkin’s Wemo products are finally picking up Homekit compatibility. Meanwhile, HTC has a brand-new VR headset and OnePlus is preparing to ditch their OnePlus 3T smartphone.

T-Mobile Digits will be available for everyone on May 31

T-Mobile Digits is a special program that’s been in beta for some time, but the Un-Carrier announced yesterday that the service will officially open up for everyone starting on May 31. Digits allows you to either have one phone number on multiple devices or have multiple numbers on one phone. The service costs just $10/month, and it might just be T-Mobile’s new secret weapon.

Via: T-Mobile

You can finally control WeMo devices through Apple HomeKit

Belkin announced an all-new bridge for its WeMo smart devices that will finally allow all current and future WeMo products to work with Homekit. In other words, this means that you’ll now be able to control all of your WeMo gadgets directly through the Apple Home app. This addition has been a long time coming, but better late than never.

Via: The Verge

OnePlus is discontinuing the 3T

The OnePlus 3T is one of the best smartphones you can buy for under $500, but despite the love and fanfare that this device has created for since its release, OnePlus has essentially discontinued it. According to the company, there are, “only a few devices left” in its warehouse and no additional inventory will be available once the current batch is sold.

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HTC LinkVR headset takes a different approach to mobile virtual reality

Google announced that HTC would be one of the first companies to help create a standalone Daydream virtual reality headset, and while we’ll likely have to wait until the fall before we get a glimpse as to what that’s going to look like, HTC took the wraps off of a new headset for the U11 called the LinkVR. The LinkVR is currently only available in Japan, and unlike current VR headsets for smartphones, it only uses the U11 for its processing power. The display, tracking, and everything else is built directly into the headset.

Via: The Verge

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