An easy and affordable way to light your home: SnapPower SwitchLight

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Stumbling through the dark to reach the nearest light switch shouldn’t be as hard as it is. Thankfully, we have the SnapPower SwitchLight to help us with that problem. The successor to the GuideLight, the SwitchLight is a light switch plate with built-in LEDs to cast off a nice glow to help you find your way in the dark.

The SwitchLight is a replacement for your traditional plastic light switch plate. Built into the back of it are some LEDs and an ambient light sensor, so when it gets dark, the LEDs slowly fade on. How does it get its power for the LEDs? Well, there are prongs on the right of the SwitchLight that slide over the contacts on the light switch box. That’s how they get their power, and this design is at the heart of SnapPower, which is great since it makes installing products like this an absolute breeze.

Some of you may be wondering what the usefulness of a glowing light switch is. Well, let me explain further. The goal of SnapPower is to eliminate those unsightly, bulky, and outlet-hogging nightlights. The SwitchLight simply takes care of the darkness problem a little higher up than the outlet version. This aspect is especially handy when the outlets are behind furniture.

I set my SwitchLight up in a hallway, so when you enter that hallway at night, you can see where the light switch is. You don’t even have to turn on the light — the SwitchLight provides plenty of light to light your way. Worried that it might be too much light? The good news is that there’s a little switch that allows you to flip between off, dim, and bright modes. This makes it perfect for dimly lighting a child’s room.

Let’s jump back to looking at how this compares with the original GuideLight. The GuideLight has a blue color temperature. That’s not so much the case with the SwitchLight, as it is noticeably warmer in color. Another nice upgrade is that instead of three distinct LEDs, the whole bottom of the SwitchLight glows. These two aspects make it much nicer for a more prominently placed light switch.

Something I really enjoy about the SwitchLight is that it is less sensitive to light than the GuideLight. With the GuideLight, you couple just walk in front of it and it would light up. The SwitchLight doesn’t do that too much. Another cool thing is that turning the light that the SwitchLight is installed on acts as a control. So, say you were to cover the light sensor on the SwitchLight with your finger. Well, if the room light was off, then the SwitchLight would go on. Turn that room light on, and the SwitchLight goes off. This is nice, because it ensures that the SwitchLight won’t go on while there’s already light in the room.

If you’re curious about the GuideLight, or even how to install SnapPower’s products, then see my review from December that covers that. In that review, I had mentioned that I’d love to see a light switch plate version, so I’m happy to see that SnapPower is listening to their customers. But what did SnapPower not deliver? Well, the main thing is a two, or three gang version of the SwitchLight. Another is a GFI outlet compatible version of the GuideLight. Having that would make this product really, really useful.

Overall, I’m very happy with my SwitchLight. It does exactly what I expect it to, day in and day out. Plus, it’s quite affordable, at only $17 from SnapPower’s website. Hit the link below to get one for yourself!

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