The LG V30 might have a crazy new design and our thoughts on iOS 11 – MCOJ Daily, May 30

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Over the long weekend, we got our first peek at what to expect from the upcoming LG V30, as well as some new information on DJI’s drones and what new buyers absolutely need to do with them. Further, we round up our thoughts on what iOS 11 needs to bring to the table.

The LG V30 could feature a slide-out display

One of the hallmark features of the LG V10 and V20 are the phones’ secondary displays. These extra screens are very small strips at the very top of the devices that serve as a tiny hub for opening apps, seeing notifications, etc. We’re expecting the LG V30 to come equipped with a secondary display this year as well, but it looks like the way that LG implements that additional screen could be a bit different. A new leak shows that LG may incorporate a much larger display towards the bottom of the V30 that slides out for even more functionality. It’s a crazy design that we really haven’t seen before, but is there actually any usefulness to a setup like this?

Failing to register your drone with DJI will hinder its functionality

Following the announcement of DJI’s Spark drone this past week, the drone-maker has announced that users who fail to register their DJI-branded drones with the company will face serious feature limitations. This is a move on DJI’s part to help keep people in check that are flying its drones, and while it could be seen as an annoyance by some, it’s also an important security measure to keep tabs on your flying whirlybird of death.

Via: Mashable

Our iOS 11 wishlist

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference will be underway in a little less than a week, and while we’re expecting quite a few announcements from the event, the biggest has to do with iOS. Apple typically refreshes its mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad at this event, and with iOS 11 being the OS that will run out of the box on the 10-year anniversary iPhone 8, we should see pretty big things from this update. There are quite a few features and additions that Pat and I would like to see Apple add with the latest version of iOS, including more customization options, and big update to Siri, and more.