Tronsmart Encore S2 Review — a versatile pair of earbuds great for work

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From my perspective, there’s no one pair of earbuds to rule them all. Instead, there are separate pairs best suited to a specific set of tasks. These Tronsmart earbuds — the Encore S2 — are different from other pairs of earbuds that I’ve owned because they have a neckband. Normally, this style would be perfect for workouts. Instead, I think they’re perfect for work: here’s why.


The Encore S2 earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, which is more energy efficient than previous generations, as well as having faster transmission speeds. Bluetooth 4.1 is also faster at pairing. Basically, it adds up to a better user experience. Inside, the battery has enough juice to power through 12 hours of music and calls — plenty to get you through a heavy day, or even a week if you use it semi-infrequently.

Use cases

So why do I think these are perfect for work? Well, when I’m on the go, I’m often around other people. So, I keep one earbud out so I can hear what’s going on around me and converse with people while still working on video editing or just listening to music all through my MacBook. With earbuds like the Anker SoundBuds Slim, I found that having one out was uncomfortable, simply because the weight of the one would pull down on the other. Not so with these, because the neckband has the bulk of the weight, not the earbuds.

What also makes these earbuds great for work is that if you’re walking between your car and your office, or if you’re just strolling around the office, you can leave the neckband on with the earbuds hanging down, ready to be used again. There’s no worry about them slipping off or having to put them in your pocket like true wireless earbuds.

Audio and mic quality

I didn’t notice anything super special about the sound quality, but there’s nothing bad about them. The bass is a little lacking, but overall it’s a nice sound that is suitable for music, light video editing, and calls.

As for the calling aspect, this is where I really enjoyed them. Being able to only have one earbud in for calls is a huge plus in my opinion. The mic in these is also quite good, especially because it’s located on the neckband (versus the earbuds as seen on other earbuds). Meaning, the mic is closer to your mouth for an overall better sound.

Final thoughts

Overall, I really enjoy these earbuds for work. You may find that they better suit you for workouts or for just chilling around the house, though. The design of them is nice and suits a variety of tasks, but I don’t find them perfect for everything. I still prefer my Anker earbuds for music listening as they have a richer sound. But, you can pick these up for an affordable $30 from Amazon or Tromsmart — links below.

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