Wednesdays at the Polls: Is Waterproofing a Must Have Feature for You?

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In this weekly feature, we want to give our readers the opportunity to provide some point-and-click style input on some of the questions we have been pondering.

The season of the new flagship is upon us! We’ve seen the latest that Samsung, LG, and HTC have to offer in their most premium smartphones. One feature that seems to be consistent between all these great phones is waterproofing. All of the big 3 brought their A-game with water resistance ratings of IP67 or IP68, which allows for full submersion protection.

This brings up an interesting question. If all things else were equal among phones and one offered waterproofing while the other didn’t, would waterproofing be a deal breaking feature for you? Would you pass up on an upgrade if a device hit all your other checkboxes but lacked the ability to survive the dreaded toilet fumble? As always, vote for your best option below and add comments to extend the conversation.

Is waterproofing a make or break feature for your next phone?

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