Samsung’s Bixby gets delayed again, Siri speaker rumors, and Nest’s new security camera – MCOJ Daily, June 1

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As Pat and Joe take a day off, Ben and Ian discuss everything from Samsung’s Bixby assistant being delayed yet again and rumors about Apple’s upcoming Siri speaker. Further, Android O is coming to OnePlus devices, Nest’s latest security camera, and the expansion of Android Pay.

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant won’t come out until late June

One of the biggest features (at least in Samsung’s eyes) of the Galaxy S8 is its Bixby virtual assistant. Bixby is Samsung’s answer to Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, and Samsung has just announced that the assistant now won’t be ready until late June. While users can currently access Bixby Vision and its contextually aware cards, Samsung missed its May deadline for allowing users to actually talk to Bixby the way you can with other AI. The reason for this delay is the fact that Bixby still isn’t very good at understanding English, and this does not bode well at all for the future of Bixby when the service is fully rolled out later this month.

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Android Pay has arrived in Canada

Since its release, Google has done a fairly decent job at expanding Android Pay to more countries, stores, and financial institutions. However, it is a bit surprising that Android Pay just now made its way over to Canada. Google says that, “top bank” support will be rolling out to Canadian users over the next few days, and companies that will now accept the service in the area include Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Sears Canada, Indigo, and more.

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Nest’s IQ Camera is an indoor security cam that can record in 4K

Although most popular for its smart thermostat, Nest has also released some pretty fantastic security cameras over the years. The company’s latest one is called the Nest IQ, and it’s an indoor camera that is capable of shooting video in 4K. The actual stream of the video that goes to your smartphone will still be in 1080p Full HD, but you can use the added resolution for zooming in on objects and getting more detail of your shot. The Nest IQ will also come equipped with a ton of useful software additions to help keep your home even more secure, and you can currently pre-order one camera for $300 or two of them for $500.

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Apple may announce its Siri speaker at WWDC with a big focus on music playback

With Google, Amazon, and now Andy Rubin’s Essential all having smart home speakers in their lineup, all eyes on are Apple to see how it’ll respond to this fairly new product category. We’ve been expecting Apple to release its own smart speaker for some time, and a new report suggests that we might see the company announce it at WWDC next week. Similar to Microsoft’s new Cortana speaker, Apple’s product will supposedly have a big focus on sound quality for listening to tunes through Apple Music. Combine this with, “virtual sound technology” and “more advanced acoustics”, and we can’t wait to see what the company has in store for us.

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The OnePlus 3 and 3T will be updated to Android O

Even though Android O is still in beta, OnePlus officially confirmed yesterday that both the 3 and 3T will be updated to the new firmware when it’s made more widely available. This isn’t all that surprising considering that the 3 and 3T are just about a year and six months old respectively, but it’s still nice to have that reassurance there nonetheless.