Tronsmart Encore S1 Earbuds Review

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I have to admit, I’m not a huge headphones guy. I don’t like feeling that isolated from my surroundings and I don’t listen to a ton of music alone. At most, I use an old Moto Hint to listen to music and take phone calls around the house. However, there is a certain instance for which I have been searching for a decent set of earphones: working out. That’s where the Encore S1 from Tronsmart got my attention.


The Encore S1 has all the latest hardware you’d expect from wireless headphones. You’ll find Bluetooth 4.1which seems to allow for better performance in pairing and power usage. I found much faster and consistent than the older earbuds I have laying around. The battery is rated for 10 hours of music and calls. I found this to be pretty realistic for my usage.

Real World Use

A spec sheet is nothing without being able to stand up to real conditions. I found my results to be mixed bag. I really like how the earbuds fit and feel in my ears. The S1 comes with several ear tips that will accommodate almost all users. Unfortunately, there was one nagging issue I didn’t’ care for. The built-in volume and power controls are on the right side of the earbuds by design. I know these have to be on one side of the other, but while working out or running I constantly felt the slight pull of the one side being heavier. This may not be an issue for most, but I personally never got used to it while wearing them.

Audio and Mic Quality

The best way I can put this one is acceptable on all accounts. The sound quality is nothing to jump for joy on Xmas morning for, but they provide good sound. Some will say they lack on the bass, but overall not bad or ground-breaking either.

I’d put call quality in the same category. Callers had no issues hearing me nor did I have trouble on the other end. Other than a few conversations outdoors in the unavoidable wind, I had zero complaints from callers.

Final Thoughts

Tronsmart has some decent budget earbuds in the Encore S1. If you are searching for an impulse buy earphones that won’t break the bank to use while working out or run, then they are definitely worth a look. If you’ve had this style before, and the controls issue mentioned previously didn’t bother you, then for $30 bucks these guys are a steal. You can find them at Tronsmart directly or hit the Amazon link below.

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