The Moto Z2 Play is official and Google has a plan to fix annoying internet ads – MCOJ Daily, June 2

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Yesterday Motorola brought its latest Android device to the public eye with the debut of the Moto Z2 Play. It makes some interesting changes but still looks like a good value. Further, Google has a big idea for fixing those annoying ads you run into, at least through the Chrome browser, and Facebook has another new app for messaging.

Google Chrome will offer an “ad-blocker” in 2018, Funding Choices to let users pay to remove ads

Being marketed as an ad “filter” rather than a blocker, a new feature that will find its way to Google Chrome on desktop and mobile in 2018 will remove intrusive and annoying advertisements that make your Web-browsing experience less than enjoyable. Ads that will be filtered out by this new tool include things such as ads that cover entire webpages or automatically play videos with audio, and it’s all being headed up by a group Google has put together called the Coalition for Better Ads.

In conjunction with the Chrome ad-filter announcement, Google also announced that it will be releasing a new program called Funding Choices later this year. Currently in beta, Funding Choices allows users to pay a certain fee in order to remove ads from their favorite websites. Sites that decide to take part in funding choices will still allow its users to visit it for free, but those trying to access said site while using an ad-blocker will be asked to either turn it off or pay a certain amount of money in order to have an ad-free experience.

Source: Google

Motorola officially introduces the Moto Z2 Play and new Moto Mods

After plenty of rumors and leaks, Motorola finally took the wraps off of its all-new Moto Z2 Play. The Z2 Play is a pretty typical higher-end mid-range smartphone that offers a fair amount of punch for $500, but even more exciting than this are the new Moto Mods that were announced alongside it – including a game controller, TurboPower battery pack, and more.

Source: Motorola

Facebook might be working on a new messaging app tailored towards teens

Love it or hate it, Facebook still remains as one of the most wildly-used social networking platforms of all-time. As such, there’s a good chance that your friends and family members are on Facebook’s Messenger chat service. A new bit of code was spotted in the latest update to the Facebook app, and it indicates that the company is working on a new application called, “Talk.” Talk will supposedly allow tweens and teens to communicate with friends and family members on Facebook Messenger without having to have a Facebook profile so that they can’t be publicly searched and approached by strangers on the site.

Via: Rolling Stone