iClever BoostSound BTS09 speaker offers style and sound

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With so many choices for Bluetooth speakers, it’s nice to see one like BoostSound BTS09 from iClever. Most of the competition offers you nothing but the same old rectangle box with no style. That’s where the BoostSound BTS09 breaks the mold by offering you a circle, which is what first drew me to this speaker as I was tired of seeing the same box design. I wanted something more unique with a quality build, and that’s exactly what this speaker delivers.


The front of the BTS09  is a solid piece of metal along with a metal stand. The rest of the speaker is constructed using plastic parts, which I didn’t really mind because it’s metal where it counts and it looks fantastic. The only issue I had with the build itself is my unit came with a dent along the side edge. Considering the thickness of the metal this must have happened before it was assembled or else the plastic rim would have also been damaged. Regardless this isn’t an issue you’re likely to run into if you purchase it.

Tucked away under the bottom are the micro USB charging port, microSD card slot, and 3.5mm input jack. The bottom of the stand uses a tacky rubber that helps it stay firmly in place. This is helpful for a speaker with this amount of bass and volume.

Along the top are the control buttons. The power button turns it on or off with a long press and with a short press adjust the light on the back. The mode button is there to allow you to switch between Bluetooth and microSD card modes. Then, the music control buttons are available for manually playing, pausing, or skipping your music tracks.

Sound Quality

Naturally sound quality is one of the most important aspects of a Bluetooth speaker. Thankfully, the two 10W drivers help give the BoostSound BTS09 deep booming bass without overpowering the mids and highs, unlike some smaller Bluetooth speakers which only offer you a tiny thud of bass or tinny treble. If you prefer a speaker more tuned towards the high end this might not be the speaker for you, but personally, I found the sound signature to be pleasing for the music I listen to and it offers plenty of volume.


Thanks to the overall loudness of the BoostSound BTS09 I found myself walking all through the house while listening. The speaker did pretty well at keeping a connection up to the 20-30ft range that it’s rated for. The only time I had issues is when I have multiple walls between myself and the speaker which is expected of Bluetooth.

Battery Life

The BoostSound BTS09 has a generous 4000mAH battery packed inside offering up to 8 hours of playback. In my time with it, I can certainly say it lives up to these claims. During my light to moderate usage, I was able to go nearly two weeks before having to charge it. Due to the design, I don’t plan on using this as a portable speaker often, instead, I’ll likely leave this plugged in the majority of the time on my desk.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was impressed with the iClever BoostSound BTS09 speaker. I know there are better-sounding speakers out on the market, but those will also come at a higher price. For the cost, thought the sound was better than I expected. While the unique and modern design makes it look more expensive than it actually is.

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