JBL Flip 4 Review

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The JBL Flip 4 is the latest iteration of the Flip speaker from JBL. This little speaker is known for offering quite a punch at an affordable price. Thanks to the 7 different color options you can pick one that matches your style. Keep reading to find out what else this little powerhouse has in store for you.


The Flip 4 weighs in at just over a pound and comes with a rugged design. A blend of a soft touch plastic along with fabric make up the exterior of the speaker, while the play/pause, Bluetooth, and volume buttons offer an interesting 3D effect over the fabric. The speaker itself feels very solid in your hand and is easy to carry thanks to the included strap.

The Flip 4 features a bass radiator on the sides so you can see the bass as well as feel it. I’m not going to lie, this was quite mesmerizing to watch while playing music. A design touch such as this really helps a speaker stand out. As far as colors go, white is probably not the best decision. This is going to pick up a lot of dirt. Especially if you plan on taking it outside or around the pool or lake like it is designed for.

Due to the IPX7 waterproofing, the 3.5mm jack and micro USB port are hidden behind a rubber flap. One minor nitpick I have is the use of a micro USB port. It’s 2017 now and USB-C has been around long enough. I wish JBL would have adopted this in their speaker as I’m trying to phase out all of my micro USB cables and devices.

Sound Quality

For such a small speaker I was very impressed with the sound quality. The bass had a nice rich thump to it which is really going help around the pool or at parties this Summer. Even more surprising was the Flip 4 still had a decent sound at the high end. It’s not always easy to get a good blend of bass and clear crisp treble. At this price point I was surprised at how good the sound quality is. The Flip 4 made me want to listen to music more and that’s always a good sign.

The JBL Flip 4 offers plenty of volume, but if you need more, it is as simple as adding another speaker with the app. Using the app you can pair well over 100 speakers, and JBL put that to the limit recently by pairing over 1,000 Flip 4 speakers. That makes this little speaker fantastic for parties. Whether indoors or outdoors you can fill the entire area with music and surround your guests. All you have to do is make sure you and your friends all have a Flip 4 and use the app to pair them.


The app itself has a very clean and simple design making it easy to use. Besides having the ability to daisy chain speakers together, you can also pair two speakers in stereo mode treating one as the left and the other as the right speaker.

Another feature the app offers is the ability to activate the digital assistant on your phone. No matter if you use an iPhone or Android phone, Siri or Google Assistant can be activated with the play button on the speaker and used without getting your phone out.

An option I would have liked to see is a setting to power on your speaker remotely. This is a feature I fell in love with on the UE app for the Roll 2 speaker I reviewed. As I’m often too lazy to get up and go across the room to turn on a speaker.

One issue I encountered with the app was that it wouldn’t detect my speaker sometimes. Even though I was listening to music through the speaker it still refused to detect the speaker. I would have to manually disconnect the speaker and then reconnect it before the app would detect it. I didn’t have much use for the app, but it’s something to be aware of if you are planning on using it.

Battery Life

Battery life is another area where the Flip 4 excels. It’s rated for 12 hours of playback and it has definitely met that rating. I was able to listen to the speaker for over two weeks with light to moderate usage and I’ve still not had to charge it once. This can definitely keep you jamming all day.

Final Thoughts

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first got the JBL Flip 4. I honestly hadn’t heard much about it and assumed it would be a mediocre waterproof speaker. After actually using the Flip 4 I can say that I was blown away by it. This is one of the best sounding Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever heard, and not only does it sound great, but it has fantastic battery life and it’s waterproof.

Overall, it is so good that anything negative I have to say about it is really just nitpicking at this point. Without a doubt, I would recommend this speaker to anyone. With Summer already here it is the perfect time to pick up a long lasting, great sounding, waterproof speaker. At $99 it offers a great bargain for all the features and sound quality.

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