GoDuo speakers offer stereo sound, a funky design, and magnetic bases

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Funky, odd, and unique are just some of the words that come to mind when I first saw the KNZ GoDuo Bluetooth speakers. Currently about to wrap up a successful Kickstarter campaign, these little speakers promise powerful sound from a pair of truly wireless stereo speakers. Were they able to live up to this promise? Keep reading to find out.


The KNZ GoDuo Bluetooth speakers provide more than just an eye-catching design. They pack plenty of function in with water and shock resistance. The outer shell is a clear polycarbonate case and the inside looks very minimal. This gives the speakers a high tech yet simple and modern look. Even after using the KNZ GoDuo speakers for the past couple of weeks, I still find them quite odd to look at. The design itself isn’t bad but it certainly stands out. I’m still not sure whether I like the design or not, to be honest.

I think one area that could have been improved is the grill of the speakers. Perhaps with a different design, the speakers would appear less odd and more modern. The branding also sticks out a bit like a sore thumb.

The build is very solid and the speakers themselves feel high quality. The magnets on the bottom are ingenious. This allows you to easily attach the speakers to each other for carrying around and detach them whenever you see fit. Thanks to the power of magnets you can also mount these on any metal surface. It was quite fun to walk around mounting them to various metal objects.

Each speaker features a power button, micro USB port, and 3.5mm auxiliary jack. There is a flap to keep them covered but I had trouble sometimes getting it back in place, especially after it had been opened for an extended period of time during charging. KNZ includes a 3.5mm and micro USB cable, both of which include a Y splitter. This way you can charge both speakers using the same cable or connect them both to the same audio source.

It would have been nice to see KNZ use USB-C instead of micro USB, even though I’m sure it would have increased the price slightly. I’m still wishing for the day I can phase out all of my micro USB devices, but for now, microUSB isn’t the end of the world, just another minor nitpick. There is also a silicone carrying case included with a loop at the top. Using a carabiner (not included) it makes it easy to hang the speakers. For example from your backpack, messenger bag, or a tree.

One small issue to be aware of is scratches on the polycarbonate body of the speakers. After a couple weeks of light indoor usage, I’ve already noticed several scratches on the body. This is a pity with such an interesting looking speaker, but it is the nature of this type of material.


Using the KNZ GoDuo speakers is pretty simple. After powering both of them on by long pressing the power button they automatically pair with each other. Then, you can connect them in the Bluetooth menu on your phone like any traditional Bluetooth speaker. To power them off long pressing the power button on one of the speakers will turn both off. This is a fantastic feature, especially if you use them separated. Unfortunately, when you power them on you must power each speaker on separately. Which is not so great when you have them on opposite ends of the room.

Occasionally I had the speakers disconnect from each other. While this was quite frustrating when it happened, it was simple enough to pair them back up. A double press of the power button on the back forces them to pair back with each other. Thankfully, this was a rare occurrence, but it’s great that the fix is so easy.

Sound Quality

The sound from the GoDuo speakers is warm and inviting. The highs aren’t too high to be piercing and the bass isn’t overpowering. The sound signature was mostly flat without either end being too emphasized. Offering a very pleasant listening experience.

One of the biggest benefits of the KNZ GoDuo speakers is that they can be separated and provide a true stereo effect. The ability to split up the speakers helps fill the room with audio so much better than a single speaker. Instead of losing volume as you walk from one end of the room to the other,  you are surrounded by the sound. This is a big improvement over single Bluetooth speakers.

The sound wasn’t as loud as some other Bluetooth speakers that I’ve used, but it was still more than enough. Particularly because once you split up the speakers and the sound is all around you, it doesn’t need to be as loud.


Within 20ft. the connection is pretty solid but once you get outside of 20ft. the connection becomes flaky. This is pretty typical of many Bluetooth accessories. Some are better than others though. Bottom line, stay within 20ft. and you won’t have any issues.

Battery Life

In my experience, the GoDuos fell a little short of the 10 hours they promise but not by much. They still gave more than enough battery life to get me through several days of streaming. This should be plenty to get you through a typical work day full of music.

Final Thoughts

My journey with the KNZ GoDuo speakers started out wondering if they were just a gimmick. However, it ended with me being fairly impressed. Not everyone will be a fan of the design but there is no denying it draws attention. The magnetic base not only makes the speakers more functional but is also practical. Most importantly the GoDuo speakers offer balanced high-quality sound.

Without a doubt, my favorite feature is that you can split them up and have true stereo sound. I had forgotten how great having true stereo sound is. The GoDuo speakers offer this in a small portable package. Making it easy to carry with you and have that effect everywhere you go. The end of the Kickstarter campaign is coming up soon. If you want to pick up a pair I suggest doing it while you can snag them at $79 which is 34% below retail price.

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