AT&T GoPhone becomes AT&T PREPAID and offers two months for free

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Not everyone uses prepaid cellular networks, but a lot of those who do have been attracted to AT&T’s GoPhone option over the years. Today, things are changing…

AT&T GoPhone will now be known as AT&T PREPAID, but not much else has changed. AT&T PREPAID still offers the same great network, service, and value. For a limited time, AT&T is offering two free months of service when you activate a new line on the $45 per month or $65 per month plan, or $40 and $60 with the $5 auto pay discount. The $60 per month plan provides you with unlimited minutes, texts, and data. While the $40 per month plan offers you unlimited minutes, texts, and caps your data at 6GB per month.

The biggest downside is the free months come at the 3rd and 12th month of your service. Your account must be active the entire time with no lapse in service. While there is no contract per se and it should be pretty easy to get the first free month, you’re going to have to stick with it at least a full 12 months to get the second free month. Regardless, one free month is better than none and if you plan on sticking to your plan than the second month is a great bonus. If you want to take advantage of this deal you better hurry though, it starts on July 14th and runs until September 21st.

Source: AT&T