Beoplay H4 headphones: Premium style and sound at a premium price

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Bang & Olufsen is known for style, high-quality materials, and their signature sound. The Beoplay H4 has all of this in spades. Regardless, for an asking price of $299, this might be too expensive for most people except for audiophiles. If you’re curious what this premium price gets you then read on and see what the Beoplay H4 headphones have to offer.


Beginning with the style, the H4 headphones stand out with their clean lines and modern design. I have the two-tone charcoal gray here with the brass color accents. Everything feels refined from the design to the premium materials such as the brushed aluminum and leather.

The Beoplay H4 headphones are very lightweight with large ear cups that fit comfortably over your ears. The foam on the underside of the headband and memory foam in the soft leather ear cups makes wearing this pair of headphones a pleasure for hours on end.

The ear cups also rotate making them fit even better and allows them to lie flat when around your neck or on a table. As with most closed-back headphones, your ears might become warm after long listening periods, but that’s just the nature of the style.

It was surprising to me that Bang & Olufsen used micro USB on their headphones. Their Bluetooth speakers I’ve used all included USB-C. This is something I wish would have been carried over to their headphones. One feature I was excited to see was the inclusion of a 3.5mm jack for listening hard wired. This can be a real life saver if you forget to charge your battery. Disappointingly, the cable lacks any inline controls, though.

Another downside of the Beoplay H4 headphones is they do not come with a case or fold up, meaning they aren’t really great for traveling. Due to the premium materials, I’d also be worried about them getting banged up while on the go. That doesn’t mean you can’t take them on the go if you choose to, but at the $299 asking price, I’d be afraid of damaging them. It would be a shame to get a blemish on such a beautiful pair of headphones.


There are three buttons on the right earcup for controlling the headphones. Contrary to what the manual says I found I had to hold the center button for a few seconds to turn them on and up to 10 seconds to turn them off. This was a little frustrating because the manual claims a quick press turns them on and holding for 5 seconds turns them off.

The center button can also be used to pause/play music or skip tracks and is easy to distinguish by feel alone because of the dimple. The other two buttons on either side are used to control volume, but additionally, can be used to initiate pairing by holding them down.


The Beoplay H4 headphones are compatible with the Beoplay app available on iOS and Android. With this app, you can check the battery life of your headphones, control playback or the volume, and change the equalizer.

It might not be very obvious, but to access the equalizer press the center of the volume control. From here the app offers a fun and interesting way to customize the sound to your mood. I like the design and features of the app, my only issue is that occasionally it takes a long time to connect.

Sound Quality

The Beoplay H4 headphones deliver the signature Bang & Olufsen sound and put simply I am in love with it. These headphones made me fall in love with listening to music again. I found myself listening to all of my favorite songs just to hear them through this pair of headphones.

Every listen was like hearing the song for the first time, even though I’ve listened to it hundreds of times previously. These headphones brought out details and sounds that had gone unnoticed to me in the past.

The soundstage is so open that it felt as if I was surrounded by the music. The highs are present but not piercing, the midrange sounded full, and the bass was deep. It might be deeper than some people like but it’s not overpowering. The Beoplay H4 headphones offer a solid clean thump of bass that sounds so pleasant to me. They may not be 100% flat or accurate but it makes music sound amazing.


The distance on the Beoplay H4 headphones was solid within the usual 20 to 30ft that Bluetooth currently allows. That’s plenty of space for most people as long as you stay in the same room with your source of music. Outside of 30ft, it gets a little spotty as with most other Bluetooth devices I’ve used and tested.

Battery Life

The battery life was fantastic, B&O rates them for 19 hours of playback and after days and days of listening, I still had plenty of juice left. If you ever do run out of juice, the Beoplay H4 allows you to charge while listening. What if you aren’t near a power source? Fortunately, there is the hard wired option, this is a great back up and something I always look for in a pair of headphones.

Final Thoughts

The Beoplay H4 brings together style, Bluetooth connectivity, and gorgeous sound all in one great pair of headphones. The price might be a little expensive for some starting at $299 or currently $249 for this model on Amazon, especially considering they do not include noise cancellation. However, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for what you are getting in style, comfort, and sound quality. Overall I love the build, the look, and especially the sound of these headphones. I cannot get enough of them and wear them as often as possible. They might not be great on the go but when I’m at home this is how I want to experience my music.

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