AT&T to roll out their next generation video platform starting in Fall

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AT&T is launching a new video streaming platform coming this Fall. One of the first new features of this service will include a cloud DVR, allowing you to access a broad selection of live channels. 4K and HD quality video. Including up to 30,000 titles that can be accessed on your phone, tablet, or TV.

DIRECTV NOW users will be given the first chance to experience this new video platform by beta testing the cloud DVR service. Starting this Summer DIRECTV NOW users will be invited to test out the new service, giving their feedback on the cloud DVR and other features. Users in the beta test will have the opportunity to give suggestions to improve the platform and help shape it for the future. DIRECTV NOW and DIRECTV companion app users will be able to experience the new platform this Fall after testing has completed.

Once the platform exits beta testing additional features such as live TV pausing and parental controls are expected to be available. In 2018 even more, features are slated to come such as user profiles, download and go, and 4K HDR. With this expansion, AT&T is looking to offer you the content you want, the way you want it, and where you want it. In the coming years, customers of other AT&T video services will have the opportunity to start using the new platform as well.

Source: AT&T