Here are two apps that help you block fraudulent calls and protect your phone on AT&T

2 min read

Mobile phones have become our lifeline to the world these days, they keep us connected and have become essential to our daily lives. They are also one of the biggest targets when it comes to hackers, spammers, and scammers. AT&T has two apps that they hope will keep you and your phone safe from all of these digital dangers.

The AT&T Mobile Security app for Android helps you by protecting your phone against nefarious apps. App Security assists you by preventing installation of harmful or unsafe apps and files. The other half System Advisor will notify you if the operating system on your phone has been tampered with. Ideally, this should not be an issue for most people who stick to the Play Store for your apps. However, not everyone is as tech savvy and I’m sure we all know someone who clicks on those flashing fake security warning ads. With this app, AT&T hopes to help give its customers peace of mind and keep them protected.

Sadly spam and scam calls have become a part of everyday life for many of us. Between fraudulent IRS calls, phony prize winning announcements, and good old fashioned solicitors it seems our phones are constantly being bombarded with useless calls. AT&T Call Protect aims to tame the ringer on your phone and bring some more peace into your life by blocking these unwanted annoyances. This app is available on both Android and iOS so whether you’re an iPhone or Android user AT&T has you covered. AT&T Call Protect also gives you the ability to block numbers manually and view blocked calls. This provides you with more control of what gets blocked and that no important calls get blocked without keeping a record of them.

In today’s mobile world you can never be too careful and it’s often wise to use layers of security. Hopefully, these apps can help keep you more protected while you’re online and on the go. For more information on the above apps please check here.