AT&T and Sprint are waiving all fees for calls and texts today following the attacks in Barcelona Spain. Including a van running into crowds resulting in 13 deaths and injuring many more, as well as a house explosion. I could find no official statements from T-Mobile or Verizon at the time of writing this but they often follow suit after tragedies such as this.

AT&T is waiving all fees or will credit charges for calls and texts made from the US to Barcelona between August 17th and 19th in the local time zone. This includes their postpaid and prepaid customers as well as landlines.

Starting today and going through August 19th Sprint is also waiving fees for international calls and SMS messages to Spain for Sprint, Boost and Virgin Mobile customers in the U.S. This also includes Sprint customers who are roaming in Spain.

It is recommended that you use texting over calling in these situations as the lines are often congested. Sending an SMS message will have much better success of reaching the person you are trying to contact. Our thoughts go out to all of those affected by the attack today along with AT&T and Sprint.

Source: AT&T Source: Sprint