MiniS Magnetic Speaker review: Tiny, portable, and magnetic

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The MiniS Magnetic Speakers formerly known as the Gemini Speaker are a pair of true stereo Bluetooth speakers built for your active lifestyle. As the name implies, yes they also have magnets. Due to a conflict with the name Gemini they were recently rebranded to MiniS. I had a chance to spend a few days with the MiniS Magnetic Speakers before the Kickstarter campaign wraps up, read on to find out how they stack up. 


The MiniS speakers are a recent Kickstarter campaign that has raised over ten times their original goal so far. The design keeps them small, light, and ultraportable while offering the ability to use them in many positions. The MiniS can be used on their side, standing straight up, or can be attached to metal objects using the built in magnets.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a set of stereo Bluetooth speakers with built in magnets for mounting. However, not everywhere you go will have some metal surface for you to use for your speakers. The MiniS solves this by providing magnetic stickers and straps with magnets. This allows you to create mounting points for your speakers and makes the built in magnets more useful. The stickers are nice but the straps are the most interesting because they are reusable.

The magnets on the back of the speakers are curiously strong making them easy to mount when paired with the lightness of the speakers. I was even able to mount them onto the screws from the light switch. The MiniS also include magnets on the bottom used to mount them to each other. Unfortunately, the magnets here aren’t quite as strong and any slight movement caused them to become separated. This could send one of your speakers crashing to the ground and I don’t recommend relying on this.

If the magnets on the back of the speakers could also be used to mount them to each other this would have worked out perfect. However, this is not possible as they simply repel each other. Due to the weakness of the magnets on the bottom, this makes the MiniS speakers feel a little less portable and was the biggest flaw I found with the design.


Pairing the two speakers together is as easy as turning both units on. They automatically sync up and are ready to pair with your phone. The only real inconvenience here is you must power on each speaker individually. On the plus side, when powering them off you only have to turn off one and the other will power off as well.

Sound Quality

For their small size, the MiniS speakers pack a lot of volume. They sound clear and having true stereo sound really does enhance listening to music. Too often these days we are limited to sound coming from just one speaker, either from our phone or a single Bluetooth speaker. Using a pair of true stereo wireless speakers helps surround you in the music.

The one downside I found is the lack of bass. The MiniS offer a thud of bass but it lacks depth. If you really care about having heavy bass they won’t satisfy you. To be fair, they sound good but it is difficult to get heavy bass from such small portable speakers.


The MiniS use a micro USB port on the bottom of each speaker to charge. The included charger uses one cable and a mount at the other end to charge both at once. It takes only 50 minutes of charging to get up to 8 hours of listening time. In my short time with them, I found the battery life to be great and lives up to their assessment.


The MiniS speakers are using Bluetooth 4.2 and the working distance on them was above average. I was easily able to use them within 20-40ft. of my phone. While the speakers themselves worked together separated at a distance of 15ft. without issue.

Final Thoughts

The market is flooded with Bluetooth speakers. They come in all shapes, sizes, price points, and varying degrees of sound quality. The main selling points of the MiniS Magnetic speakers the stereo sound, a lightweight portable design, and the mounting options. They delivered on these and also provide good battery life and loud sound for the size. The MiniS are not the first Bluetooth speakers to include magnets, but the inclusion of the different stickers and mounts make the magnets more useful.

Kickstarter projects can sometimes be a bit of a gamble. I’m still waiting years later for my Znaps to arrive. However, the MiniS speakers are a real product and function just like advertised, minus the weak magnets at the bottom. If you’d like to pick up a pair head over to their Kickstarter page and grab a set before the September 1st end date.