Lenovo’s mixed reality ‘Explorer’ headset is coming soon for $349

2 min read

Today at IFA Lenovo unveiled their Explorer immersive headset made for Windows Mixed Reality. For the uninitiated, Windows Mixed Reality is a combination of augmented and virtual reality for Windows computers. The Lenovo Explorer works with a wide range of PCs and laptops from Lenovo or any other brand. As long as it meets the minimum specifications, it will act as a natural extension opening you up to new worlds on your favorite computer.

Comfort is paramount in a headset, which is why Lenovo designed the Explorer headset to be lightweight and fit snugly on your head. The headset is adjustable, provides plenty of cushioning, and has a flip up visor to make it more convenient to wear and use. While convenience and comfort are important so is the ease of setting up a new device. This is another area that the Lenovo Explorer shines using only a two cable setup. There are no external sensors to deal with here, all of them are built into the headset itself. Just plug in the USB and HDMI cable and you’re ready to begin.

Lenovo’s Explorer headset tracks all of your natural movements such as crouching, lunging or hopping. You are free to move around in an area up to 3.5 to 3.5 meters or a little under 12 by 12 feet, all without having to continuously reorient yourself. However, remember you are tethered to a machine so you might not want to move around too much.

There are three different ways to interact with your surroundings while in Mixed Reality. Business users will find the mouse and keyboard make the most sense, while the Xbox controller is perfect for gaming. Lenovo also offers their own optional motion tracking controllers as well for exploring Mixed Reality.

The world of Mixed reality opens up a new world of possibilities for you and your PC. Using the Lenovo Explorer you can discover over 20,000 compatible apps on the Microsoft Store. Whether you’re looking to escape for awhile in the cliff house for some peace and quiet to get some work done, or you’re looking forward to kicking back and watching a movie on your own virtual theater. The Explorer headset with Mixed Reality makes it possible all without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Retail pricing for the Lenovo Explorer headset starts at $349 USD and jumps to $449 USD with the addition of the motion controllers. With global availability starting in October just in time before the holidays.