The Klipsch R6 Neckband Headphones offer premium design and great sound

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The Klipsch R6 Neckband Headphones are meant to give you long battery life with quality sound and a premium build. How well do they live up to all they promise? I’ve spent the last few weeks using them, continue reading if you’d like to find out.


The R6 Neckband Headphones come in a box almost as nice as the headphones themselves. I really appreciated the look and feel of the foam in the packaging. This pales in comparison to the actual headphones, however. The neckband is constructed with high-quality materials like metal and real leather. Making these completely unrivaled in build quality compared to any other neckband headphones I’ve seen or tried previously.

While personally, I’m not a fan of the collar design for headphones, if you’re going to do it then this is how it should be done. Not only do they feel solid and high quality, but R6 Neckband Headphones are very lightweight. You can wear these for hours and barely notice there is something around your neck.

Included with the headphones is a microUSB cable for charging and four different sized ear tips. Klipsch uses patented oval shaped ear tips to reduce ear fatigue and increase the noise isolation. I have to admit they were extremely comfortable, and thanks to the long cables there was never any tugging and the ear buds always felt secure.

Located on either side set in the metal frame are the controls for the headphones. These are lightweight plastic pieces with the power/pairing button on the left, and the volume and play/pause button on the right. You can also use the volume buttons to skip forward or backward by long pressing them.

The microUSB charging port is also included on the right side with the controls for your music. While hidden underneath on the left side is the switch to control vibration. This allows you to enable or disable the vibration for calls. This is a nice option to have because the vibration is quite strong, some might enjoy it while others will find it a bit too jarring.

About the only thing I did not like about the design of the R6 Neckband Headphones was the lack of retractable cables. On other pairs of neckband headphones I’ve used in the past the cables were retractable. Unfortunately, there is no such feature here. The earbuds just dangle freely when not in use begging to get tangled in something.

Sound Quality

Klipsch is known for having accurate and quality sound in their products, and this has never been more evident to me than with the R6 Neckband Headphones. Klipsch utilized aptX and AAC high definition technology to provide the best Bluetooth sound quality possible. In particular, the aptX compression technology is said to offer CD like quality sound over Bluetooth. In order to benefit from this, your phone must also support it, which most high-end Android phones from Samsung, LG, and Google do, although Apple does not.

The sound from the R6 Neckband Headphones had the clean sound I expect from Klipsch reference headphones, offering plenty of clarity for your music. What surprised me was the addition of an extra kick of bass. I found this to be an improvement over their Over-Ear Reference headphones I reviewed awhile back. The added bass really enhances the sound making them more enjoyable when listening to music. The bass won’t be enough to satisfy bass heads out there, but these were made to be accurate with a little extra punch.

Battery Life

Klipsch rates the R6 Neckband Headphones for up to 18 hours of playback time. In my experience, I found they met that or came very close. This is one of the biggest benefits of the neckband design. Other Bluetooth earbuds might claim long battery life but not for continuous playback. Generally, you must charge them in a case in between listening sessions to extend the battery life. Not so with the R6 Neckband Headphones because they include a large enough battery in the neckband to keep your music going non-stop.


The working distance of the R6 Neckband Headphones within 20-30ft. was good, and is similar to most Bluetooth products I’ve used. I had no issue as I usually stay within a few feet of my phone anyways. As long as you don’t leave your device in other rooms and expect it to work on the other side of the house you should be fine.

Final Thoughts

The neckband design has never been my favorite, but Klipsch has done it right. Between the premium materials, lightweight design, fantastic battery life, and clear sound, the R6 Neckband Headphones are a real crowd pleaser. Outside of my one little nitpick about the earbuds not retracting there really isn’t much to not love about these. If you’d like to pick up a pair for yourself check the links below to Amazon and Klipsch.

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