PITAKA redefines your wallet with a unique design and room for keys & coins

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PITAKA is an up and coming brand based out of China with one goal in mind, to make your life both easier and more elegant. They have already done this with their magnetic cases and first generation wallet. Currently up for grabs on Indiegogo are some of their latest innovations in the modern wallet scene with RFID blocking, Degauss protection, and much more.

PITAKA offers a very elegant solution to an everyday problem with their latest design. Depending on the layers you order, you will get room for 6 cards, a box to store SD cards, keys, or coins, a money clip, and even a tool layer with screwdriver and bottle opener. The overall quality feels very premium with real carbon fiber and strong neodymium magnets. Whatever life throws at this wallet, it will come out intact.

Usage is a breeze with the simple card loading. Simply slide your card into the place that makes sense to you, and when it is time to use your card, slide from the edge and it is ready to go. Do note, it is only safe to place magnetic cards in the degauss protected layer. All other layers do carry the remote possibility of your mag stripe getting wiped out.

The wallet isn’t the only new product available on Indiegogo, however. PITAKA is also introducing the mag bar, a simple way to store your wallet, keys, and even phone. It mounts onto the wall with two included screws and holds keys and wallet very securely. Simply walk up and grab your things as you hit the door and set them back when you return. No more hunting needlessly for hours trying to find your wallet!


Use is extremely easy and intuitive. The use of a magnetic design has removed the need for special tools or tiny screw drivers to modify your wallet and make it your own. Don’t feel like carrying all of your cards and money with you today? No problem, you can remove all of the layers on the fly, leaving just 2 cards, and the top and bottom layer. Want to have everything with you; also not a problem, just slide them into rotation. You can have as many, or as few, layers you would like.

The mag bar further simplifies your life with a reliable place to put your keys and wallet. Put this handy invention next to your door and never forget your wallet again. You can also put your phone, so long as it has a magnetic case, on the bar; this use, however, would only be handy for those not constantly using their device for business.


Overall, this is a solid buy for yourself or as a gift. I would never look back to an old style wallet at this point. While it is a bit pricey, the value to cost ratio is still high due to the use of premium materials, such as real carbon fiber. Ease of use is perfect, a 10/10 for sure. You can customize the wallet on the fly with no tools, yet it will stay together without issue. This wallet will certainly turn a few heads, whether you are in a formal or casual setting.

If you want to buy for a discounted price, pledge on before it ends. Shipments are estimated for October and they are already at 600% of their goal! By buying early, you will save around 29% – 36%.

PITAKA on Indiegogo