iPad Pro 10.5″: the King of Tablets?

3 min read

The iPad has long been the perceived as the king of the tablet market. This year the iPad Pro gains some screen real estate and continues trying to be your laptop replacement. We were fortunate enough to take a look at this new tablet and allow us to take a deep dive. But first, I’d like to put out a quick disclaimer that this is my first time legitimately using iOS on a device. This will reflect on certain comparisons to Android, but I tried to keep the review as unbiased as possible.


Our review model is the 256GB model iPad Pro. As the title implies you have a 10.5 inch LED display with a resolution of 2224×1668 resolution. And it’s beautiful. This is the first thing you notice when turning on the tablet. Apple has done a great job of reducing the bezels on both sides of the device and it really makes it seem like the iPad is all screen. Colors come through crisp and clear with apps just popping off the display.

iOS 10

As I stated previously, I don’t have a lot of experience with iOS and I have to start with I was surprised on how smooth the overall UI seems. I won’t go into much depth here. If you’re familiar with any iOS device and considering the iPad Pro, then you know what iOS is and isn’t at this point. One thing that’s worth mentioning is how Apple wants you to use it as a laptop replacement. To help with this design, iOS allows for dual screen interaction of two apps on the display at the same time. This feature will be getting even better with the upcoming release of iOS 11, which adds multitasking with three apps.

General Use

The iPad Pro 10.5 is a possible laptop alternative, but at its heart it’s a media consumption powerhouse. Paired with the awesome display, videos from YouTube and Netflix look amazing on the Pro. Audio is also surprisingly good. The Pro is perfect for those of us that want a good, large tablet to watch video on the go.

And reading…again the 10.5-inch screen makes for a great canvas for comics and magazine viewing. As simple as it seems, this is my main usage for a tablet and the iPad is near flawless with the overall size being similar to that of a physical comic book. It’s large enough the read the panels without having to zoom in and there’s zero struggle to make out entire dialogue¬†bubbles.

Battery Life

Apple rates the Pro at 10 hours of use, and I found this to be pretty accurate. I had zero issues continuously using the iPad for most of a day, and I never found myself scrambling for a charger. I could easily take the iPad Pro on a trip and not have to be concerned about airport charging ports.

The camera on the Pro is pretty decent. It contains a 12-megapixel lens with optical image stabilization and autofocus. I didn’t expect much from past experiences from tablet cameras, but the shooter is more than respectable. Shots were quick to capture with above average quality. Honestly, it’s a very good camera for any smart device.


The polish and solid build quality of the iPad Pro was a pleasant surprise. While I still prefer Android as my choice platform, I see why Apple users are passionate about their OS. If you don’t currently own a laptop and think a large tablet will get the job done, then the iPad Pro 10.5 is a strong contender. Our Verizon model of the Pro can be yours for as little as $32.49 a month with a 2-year agreement and $779.99 for full retail price with 64GB of storage. The maxed out model of 512GB of storage will set you back $44.99 per month or $1079.99 full price.

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