Google may be trying to purchase HTC’s smartphone division

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Where have we heard this one before? According to a new report by DigitimesGoogle is in the late stages of a possible acquisition of HTC’s mobile phone division.

Other options are also being explored for “strong strategic partnerships”, but it would seem a full takeover is also on the table. While rumors have been rampant for the past few years, no strong candidate to absorb HTC has come forward until now.

The buyout could make really good business sense for both parties. HTC has struggled to make a profit in the market quarter over quarter and Google has become more and more focused on making their own hardware to feature their vision of the future for Android. Both companies have healthy past with HTC being the manufacturer of last year’s Pixels as well as the original Nexus One.

The purchase of a smartphone OEM is not a foreign idea to Google. They bought Motorola back in 2012 but famously offloaded the company a few years later to Lenovo. Many of the players look the same in this deal, but Google has become a much bigger player in hardware moving forward with their Pixel offerings. Needless to say, we’ll be keeping you updated on any news on this acquisition as they arise, but let us know in the comments what you think about it!

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