TeamViewer is bringing screen sharing to iOS 11

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In the world of free and simple remote access software, TeamViewer has been a leader. Now, they’re adding in something that has been the desire of support techs everywhere, iOS screen sharing. They just announced that they will be offering screen sharing to all iOS 11 devices with their next update.

Andreas König, CEO of TeamViewer said:

TeamViewer prides itself on being an industry innovator, creating remote support software and business collaboration tools that meet the growing demands of SMBs and enterprise businesses. We break down the barriers to enhance collaboration by unifying platforms across departments and global offices, expanding opportunities to increase productivity, effectively communicate with one another, and enable collaboration.

Apple holds 79.2 percent of global smartphone profits and shipped 41 million units in the second quarter of this year.  Many support techs and companies use TeamViewer. This makes them the first company in the industry to offer an official app with screen sharing capability.

Rob Brothers, Vice President of Support Services at IDC says:

The way in which enterprise and SMBs need to operate and function has drastically changed over the last decade. With the global economy in full swing, businesses are looking to streamline operations and hire a workforce that is globally diverse and mobile. Innovative businesses such as TeamViewer provide the ability to share your screen across multiple devices, from iOS to android mobile device, which provides individuals quick access, flexibility and a secure environment to collaborate.

But what does this mean for the rest of us? If the user has iOS 11, you will be able to see the screen as it is being used. As one who has walked people through setting up their iPhones, I will love having this ability.

iOS Screen Sharing works similarly to the other mobile remote connections available through TeamViewer. Using the QuickSupport for iOS app installed on the device, you can setup Screen Sharing by following the instructions. The feature is free and will be available in the current version until October 31, 2017.