GPEL Snap Up car holder Review: a simple phone mounting solution

2 min read

Nowadays, it’s pretty common for phones to be used in cars, whether that’s for music, GPS navigation, or something else that may or may not be legal. A lot of these car chargers now can have integrated chargers or special docking holders, but sometimes you just need something that will stick and hold your phone. The “Snap Up” car mount from GPEL is exactly that — a simple and universal mount that keeps your phone visible on your dash.

The packaging is almost as simple as the Snap Up mount itself. The mount will come in a small plastic box that is only as big as the device is long. There’s a picture of the mount on front, with a couple of buzzwords and phrases around, such as “Premium 3M VHV 4910 adhesive for secure mounting.” There’s also directions for mounting and use of the car mount, but I assure you, you won’t need it.

The holder isn’t that complex either. It looks like a sideways ampersand symbol — that’s this one “&.” After you stick the 3M tape side to your overhead dash, you lift the open side to place your phone in (only landscape mode).

The inside, where you place your phone, has a deep rubber groove so your phone won’t get scratched. The groove is big enough for any decent sized phone, even with a case. With the 3M tape attached to the only dense part of the holder, your phone will be pretty stable even on some of the roughest of rides.

You’ll still be able to interact with your phone, but again your phone is stuck in landscape mode. So, you may not want to do anything involving typing, but at least you can take a quick picture of that deer in the road. Of course, we at YTE don’t suggest much interaction with your phone while driving. Be safe!

You can grab this holder from GPEL’s website for only $25. For the features that this car holder has, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily worth the price. If you just need something simple that will hold your phone without you having to worry about set-up or changing things, then the Snap Up holder will be perfect.

The Snap Up car holder is simple car holder that just works for keeping your phone visible during commutes. Click the button below to grab one straight from GPEL’s website, and then let us know how you like the Snap Up Car Holder!

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