Face ID production issues could end up limiting iPhone X supply

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You might have some issues getting an iPhone X on November 3rd. According to some recent rumors, supply will be limited beyond what was already expected. Apparently, that’s due to additional manufacturing issues as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The report states:

“Apple has hit another production snag on its new iPhone X, say people familiar with the situation—this time over a pair of components dubbed Romeo and Juliet […] The Romeo and Juliet components are yin-and-yang parts of the new facial-recognition system that will allow iPhone X owners to unlock their phones by scanning their faces, these people said.

It has taken more time to assemble the Romeo modules than the Juliet modules, they said, creating an imbalance in supply. That has served as a bottleneck for the iPhone X’s mass production, according to one person, which could possibly crimp supplies beyond typical initial shortfalls when the phone is released Nov. 3.”

The iPhone X is already expected to be in high demand, especially with the low numbers of iPhone 8 sales which is most likely due to users holding out for the iPhone X. The added supply constraints could mean that it will likely be pretty difficult to get an iPhone X in 2017, especially with the holidays quickly approaching.