Google Assistant finally makes its way to Android TV

1 min read

Google Assistant is amazing. Find the nearest coffee shop or buy tickets for the newest movie. Whatever you use Assistant for, you know it can be really helpful. Depending on where you use it, whether it’s with your Google Home or on your phone, it makes life a bit easier. But what if it was built into your Android TV? It would make them much better — and now they are!

For now, the SHIELD is the only device getting Assistant right now. You can start by checking for the update. If you’re not familiar with Assistant, you can ask anything and control smart home devices with a simple “OK, Google, turn off my lamp.” It’s way more than that now, though. You can ask things like “play Master of None” and it will play the TV show. It will support HBO NOW, Netflix and YouTube as main entertainment sources. You can ask for specific movie genres or TV genre’s, and Assistant will point you in the right direction. It’s definitely a welcome addition to the entertainment space on your TV.

There are other great ways to use Assistant as well. You can order food or items from Walmart and Walgreens via Google Express, and you can even ask what’s happening in the news. Lastly, you can turn up the volume, lower it, or turn off your TV — just by asking.

Look forward to many Android TV’s having Google Assistant with Marshmallow or higher. It’ll even come to some older models as well as the Xiaomi Mi Box.