The new Echo Spot is a more affordable alternative to the Echo Show

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Amazon announced a slew of new Echo products yesterday, including the Echo Spot. This miniature Echo Show comes in a round shape and resembles an alarm clock more than an Echo speaker. The Echo Spot could easily replace your aging alarm clock with a more modern smart device. It features all the things that make Alexa enhanced products so great, such as controlling your smart home, setting alarms, making calls, checking the weather, and more.

Thanks to the included 2.5″ circular screen you can also watch video briefings, check nursey cameras, or view your calendar. The Echo Spot even includes a camera and speaker for making video calls. But don’t worry, if you crave more sound, the Echo Spot can connect via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable to a larger speaker. Fortunately, the Echo Spot includes an updated microphone array with second-generation far field technology. This makes it easier for the Echo Spot to hear your voice from across the room, even over music.

Pricing starts at $129.99, which is about $100 less than an Echo Show. The Echo Show comes in either black or white. You can go ahead and pre-order one now, but shipping won’t begin until December for the US and next year for the UK and Germany.

Source Pre-order Now