iPhone 8 Plus First Impressions: I’m Bored!

2 min read

The iPhone 8 Plus has been on the market for less than a week, and I’ll cut right to the case and say I’m already bored. Today, I am going to give you my early first impressions on how I have fared thus far with the 8 Plus.  Which is the first time I have ever said that about an iPhone in less than a week. However, let’s dive into how the past few days have gone with the iPhone 8 Plus.


I’m very happy thus far with the battery, even noticing an improvement from the iPhone 7 Plus. I’d say on my end I’ve seen about a 10-15% increase this time around. This is great due to the fact that I am a very heavy user so not having to plug up as often is a big plus!


From the front, the iPhone 8 Plus looks exactly like the iPhone 7 Plus. The only change we see is on the back with the glass back design. I’ve always been a fan of glass backs so I was glad to see it return after several years. The phone feels heavier and a bit more premium over previous models.

Wireless Charging

This is the best new feature added on with the iPhone 8/8Plus. I have been saying for years how much I wanted to have wireless charging included with my iPhone. This year Apple finally took the jump and I’m really glad they did. I’m happy to report that wireless charging works great on my 8 Plus with the various Qi chargers I’ve tried it with so far.


All I can say is this phone is FAST! A11 Bionic chip certainly gave this device a boost that is noticeable coming from previous generations. Haven’t had any lag since taking this phone out of the box!

Yes, it’s still early on to give this phone a final review but as you can see there isn’t a lot of new features that make it exciting. Frankly, most people are waiting for the iPhone X which apparently will be difficult to purchase around launch. Though I’m bored with the 8 Plus I think things will definitely be different when it comes to the X.