Unite your movies using ‘Movies Anywhere’ to connect Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and VUDU

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Normally when you’re in the mood to watch a movie, you fire up either Google Play Movies, or iTunes, or Amazon, or any of the other various services available for media consumption. Ther problem is that there are a lot of services available. Your TV is probably compatible with a couple, the Chromecast works with some, and there are other options best suited to things such as family viewing. There are just so many services, it can get messy.

Now with Movies Anywhere, you have a one-for-all service to watch all of your content. Movies from Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and VUDU are congregated into a single library for all of your devices. The Movies Anywhere app is available on iOS, Android, and the Web, so you only need to go to one place to watch any of your movies. Better yet, any movie in your Movie Anywhere library from Disney, Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal or Warner Bros. will be retroactively added to your other digital accounts as well. You can buy from iTunes and watch the movie either in Movies Anywhere or in Google Play, Amazon, or VUDU, and vice versa!

For a limited time, when you connect 2 or more services, you’ll get the following 5 movies for free:

  • Big Hero 6
  • Ghostbusters (2016)
  • Ice Age
  • Jason Bourne (2016)
  • The Lego Movie

Hit the link below to create your account and connect your retailers, and start watching all your movies, anywhere!

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