The Moto X4 is now available for pre-order for as low as $329

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Remember the Moto X? It was this crazy popular phone released while Motorola was under the Google umbrella. Well, it’s back. Kinda. The new generation X4 doesn’t allow the crazy customization of its elders, but it does offer a budget minded phone with solid specs.

Now, you can officially pre-order via Motorola and Amazon’s Prime Exclusive. Yep, that’s right for $329 you can have the Moto X4 from Amazon at a $70 discount. If you don’t mind ads on your lock screen that is.

This is not the Android One model being sold by Project Fi. This is the fully Moto-edition with Alexa also being baked in as an alternative option if you’d prefer it to Google Assistant (which is also still installed).

Along for the ride is a pretty standard set of mid-range hardware specs: 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, Snapdragon 630 CPU, and 5.2″ FHD screen. The X4 does add the new dual camera on the rear with a 12 and 8-megapixel lens, while you’ll find a 16MP shooter on the selfie side. None of these are jaw-dropping specs, but for those looking at a “near top-tier” experience with killer hardware for hundreds of dollars less, $329 and $399 for each respective model is a nice deal for a phone that will work on any US carrier.

Moto X4 Amazon Prime Exclusive Moto X4 from Motorola