1MORE Triple Driver Headphones Review: Giving you more sound for less money

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1MORE is an audio brand headquartered in San Diego, California with a passion for high-quality music at an affordable price. Their headphones don’t take shortcuts when it comes to the build, accessories, or audio quality. The 1MORE Triple Driver Headphones sit in between the more expensive Quad Driver and more affordable Dual Driver Headphones. Read on to find out if they are worth the near $100 price tag.


The 1MORE Triple Driver Headphones feature an oblique angle earpiece along with a total of nine different ear tips offering a comfortable and secure fit for your ears. Six of these ear tips are the traditional silicone type you are accustomed to receiving with most headphones. Where 1MORE stands out is the inclusion of three pairs of foam tips. The foam tips aren’t quite the same as Comply foam tips but still offer the foam feel in a more durable design.

The Triple Driver Headphones feel very solid with metal fittings connecting the cable to the earbuds. On the right side, in-line controls are included that work with both Android and iOS. The middle button offers a couple ridges to distinguish itself from the volume buttons. However, even with the ridges I still wish they would have made it easier to differentiate between the buttons, perhaps using different shapes or a larger gap.

The main length of the cable is braided, and I can’t stress how much I love braided cables. All cables should be braided, it offers a nice premium feel and doesn’t tangle as easily.

Not content with all of the extra ear tips 1MORE also includes an airplane adapter, metal cable clip, and leather case with a magnetic clasp. Overall, I was pleased with the design, feel, comfort, and 1MORE doesn’t skimp on the materials or the accessories.

Sound Quality

Unless you have great audio quality little more matters when it comes to a pair of headphones. Thankfully, 1MORE delivers the goods with their pair of Triple Driver Headphones using two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver. They were tuned by a Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi and are the first THX-certified headphones.

They have a warm sound with strong mids and a good thump of bass without being overpowering. The highs were a little more mellow so if you prefer a pair skewed towards the highs these would not be the pair for you. For those that find headphones with too much treble to be a bit pitchy and headache-inducing, these are perfect. They offer good instrument separation and a kick of bass right where it’s needed.

Final Thoughts

1MORE has set out to give music fans high-quality audio without emptying their wallets. Their Triple Driver Headphones aren’t the cheapest coming in at a little under $100 but they definitely deliver on the sound quality, build, and accessories. Some headphone makers are content with giving you the bare minimum while 1MORE goes out of their way to provide you with what you need and more. If you’d like to pick up a pair check the links below to Amazon and 1MORE’s site.

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