Tuesdays at the Polls: Do you still use a tablet?

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I feel like we have all welcomed in the connected age at this point. Most homes now have a smartphone or WiFi-enabled device of some kind these days. But that collection of slabs is always changing at my house.

A few years ago tablets were all the rage, but as smartphones continue to cram even more screen real estate and horsepower into smaller and smaller packages, more and more I find myself not using a tablet at all. I sparingly use my LG G Pad these days.

Motorola and ATT are still actively pursuing the market with their announcement of the Moto Tab this week and that brings me to this week’s question: Are you still actively using a tablet? Or is yours, much like mine, stowed away in a nightstand somewhere? Let us know below, and as always, feel free to sound off in the comments to expand your answers! We’d love to know what you’re using if you are using one.

Are you stilling using a tablet?

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