Your Tech Explained Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Audio Edition

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Welcome to the YourTechExplained Holiday Gift Guide! With the holidays quickly approaching and Black Friday getting even closer, the YTE team has come together to offer you some great gift suggestions. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to spoil someone special or yourself, then have a look at some of our favorite products. First up are some of our favorite audio products that we’ve reviewed or used this year that are sure to please the music lover in your life.



Jason’s Picks


JBL Flip 4

This is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for anyone. It has great sound with high highs and low lows, providing music with clarity as well as bass. It comes in a variety of colors that will suit any style. Plus, it’s waterproof, has a solid battery life, and the Bluetooth range is pretty great as well. There is simply nothing I don’t like about this speaker and for all that it offers, it comes in at an affordable price.

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Beoplay H4  Wireless Headphones

The Beoplay H4 Wireless headphones offer a premium design using high-quality materials like aluminum, steel, and leather. They are super lightweight and comfortable for enjoying music for hours. These are the best sounding headphones I’ve ever heard, and they offer a wide soundstage and a deep low bass with plenty of instrument separation. You can use them wired or wireless so you don’t have to always worry about charging them. Really, the only drawbacks I found with these are the lack of a carrying case and no noise cancellation at this price point. That being said, if you want to spoil the music lover in your life and can afford the price, you can’t go wrong with the Beoplay H4 Wireless headphones.

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1MORE Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones

For all the Apple users out there who aren’t keen on dongles or Bluetooth headphones the 1MORE Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones are a perfect choice. No more worries about charging, no more dongles, just enjoy your music with these comfortable headphones with active noise cancelation. These earbuds sound great with a nice balance between bass and treble, plus with active noise cancelation you can block out all of your surroundings and focus in on the music.

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Beoplay P2 Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for a compact portable Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t compromise on sound then look no further. The Beoplay P2 Bluetooth Speaker is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand but packs a lot of sound. Not only is it loud, but the sound quality is fantastic with deep booming bass so strong it can vibrate this little speaker off the table (trust me). It still has a wonderful balance between the highs and lows and also offers touch controls. It’s a little on the expensive side but you get high-quality sound in a compact package.

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If you’re shopping for an Apple user then these are a natural choice coming directly from Apple and made to take advantage of Siri. AirPods will play or pause when they are inserted or removed from your ear, are truly wireless, and offer a case that charges them. Even for their compact size, they provide five hours of battery life, and combine that with the case, you’ll get up to 24 hours total playback time.

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Bose QC 35 II

No audio list would be complete without the Bose QC 35 II Bluetooth headphones on it. These headphones have one of the best reputations when it comes to active noise cancellation and sound quality. There are controls to adjust how much noise is canceled, they can be used wired or wireless with 20 hours usage on battery power, and they even come with Google Assistant support. They aren’t cheap but if you have a frequent flyer on your list or just want to block out distracting sounds they are worth every penny. If you want to save a few bucks there is also the version 1 which is just as good but without Google Assistant.

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Andrew’s Pick


Tronsmart Encore S5 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

The Encore S5 earbuds main selling point is the fact that they are truly wireless earbuds with stereo sound. Tronsmart calls it simultaneous sync. This translates to being able to either use them one at a time or sync them together for a full stereo experience. And I have to say it’s a nice touch. The Encore S5 allows for this flexible usage without having to have different devices. Whatever your preference, the Encore S5s have you covered with surprisingly good sound and around 4 hours of battery life.

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Keyan’s Picks


 Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear

The first product on my holiday gift guide are the Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear (earbuds). If you’re familiar with Sennheiser, the HD1 audio family is just the rebranded MOMENTUM. The in-ear variant are of the neckband style, which was made popular by the LG Tone series. With the HD1 In-Ear, you’re getting Sennheiser signature sound in a small footprint. You could easily use these while commuting or in a business setting. Currently, they are on sale and these would be a great pair of wireless earbuds to grab for yourself or a loved one during this holiday season. Our full review will be coming later in the year.


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Sony WH-1000x M2

Now this next product, the Sony WH-1000x M2 (the follow up to previous years MDR 1000x) may be a bit expensive for some of you, but I always feel you get what you pay for. The 1000x M2 are wireless, over-ear, ANC enabled headphones. They are currently giving Bose and Beats a run for their money for sound and noise-canceling quality. With amazing sound quality, being able to hear — clearly — all 3 tiers of sound with ample bass and a claimed 30-hour battery life, well, it makes the 1000x M2 hard to miss. Any audio lover would be gracious to have these headphones on their wishlist, and I’m one of them. Grab them this season for a few hundred bucks.

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We hope you enjoyed this audio edition of the YourTechExplained Holiday Gift Guide! Leave a comment below: what’s the next gift guide list that you want to see from us?