Fonesalesman QiStone+ Review: Wireless is the Way of the Future!

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That’s right, wireless charging is the king of future power management! Well, not quite. We all forgot wireless charging was even a real thing over these past few years, except for a handful of Samsung users. Now that Apple has included wireless charging in their latest versions of the iPhone, though, the technology has gotten back into the spotlight. With that, I’m reviewing the QiStone+ from Fonesalesman.

Fonesalesman is a company that makes several wireless charging devices and furniture, and the QiStone+ is a small 4x3in, pebble-looking external charging that boasts the title of “the first ever power bank that can be called 100% wireless.” The stone actually has a soft texture all over it which definitely helps with gripping the accessory and reinforcing the “stone” name. You’ll see the Fonesalesman logo embroidered on the top along with 4 battery level indicator lights.

The back on the QiStone+ has an input microUSB port for charging the actual device, and an outport USB-A port to charge extra devices — but who will be using this for standard charging anyways? Lastly, on the bottom of the stone, there are 4 small feet and an imprint of the specs in the middle. Speaking of specs, the QiStone+ has a 4000mah battery, a wireless transmitter on the top, and a wireless receiver on the bottom. The rear USB port is only 1A, so don’t expect to charge any device with this in a quick manner.

Charging with the QiStone+ is dead simple. Either place your device on top of the stone or plug it into the USB slot and charging automatically happens. If the device is asleep you can tap on the Fonesalesman logo on the top to wake it. Also, you’ll know if your device is wireless charging because there’s an audible beep announced when wireless charging is initiated.

Charging the QiStone+ itself is just as simple ─ either plug a microUSB cable into it or place it on another wireless charger you may have lying around — you could stack endless QiStones on top of each other.

Using this device is just dead simple and very convenient. It’s not the most robust or biggest charger, but it will save you in a pinch or slowly charge a device while you’re focused on something else.

The huge downfall to this tiny device, though, is its price. The QiStone+ retails for $80. While it may be the first fully-wireless wireless charger and the aesthetic is nice, it’s nowhere near worth it for that price in my opinion. You can get power banks without wireless charging with 10x the capacity for half the price; power banks with fast charging capabilities; or just (less aesthetically pleasing) wireless power banks for cheaper. The fact that Fonesalesman hasn’t changed their price over the years, as this product isn’t new, is also a bit disconcerting.

Unfortunately for Fonesalesman, the QiStone+ simply needs to be updated in multiple areas before it can be recommended for many consumers. The design is one of the QiStone+’s best features but it could be changed to a more rounded pebble design. The USB port in the back should be 2A and the Wireless Charger receptacle should be upgraded to a faster/higher voltage. This way the QiStone can really be called a QiStone+, and the price can be better received, although that would probably still need to be readjusted.

It’s been fun and easy carrying around the QiStone+ daily and charging it and my iPhone wirelessly. Hopefully Fonesalesmen is thinking of making some changes to the product to make it more appealing. How do you feel about the QiStone+, the first fully wireless, wireless charger?

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Thanks to Fonesalemen for allowing us to review this product!