SoundPEATS Q1000 Review – Bluetooth sport earbuds on a budget

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Recently, I started a quest to find a decent pair of around the neck “neckband” style Bluetooth earbuds. My reason for this style is simply because I was going to use these primarily for phone calls and when the earbuds were not actively being used, I wanted to be able to take them out of my ears and let them dangle off the neckband. I asked around and was told to check out SoundPEATS. After looking at a few models online, I decided on the Q1000.


The Q1000 is designed to be a sports/active neckband. It’s IPX4 splash-proof or sweatproof, meaning it will be okay if splashed with a little water, but I wouldn’t hang outside during a rainstorm.

The Q1000 comes nicely boxed for an $18.99 pair of earbuds. In the box are the instructions, a charging cord, and small and large earbuds. The medium earbuds are already attached, although there was no carrying case included.

The Q1000 supports Bluetooth 4.1 and uses Qualcomm’s aptX technology. The box says that there are only five hours of “working time” but their website claims up to nine hours of “play time.” It also mentions noise-canceling, but I wasn’t able to really try that out.

I tested the Q1000 out with a few songs (listed below), some bass heavy and others not so much. I did turn them up and that pretty much made them noise-canceling. I couldn’t even hear my wife sneeze and she was sitting right next to me. She had to tap me on the shoulder in order to get my attention.

  • Baba O’Riley – The Who
  • Caribbean Blue – Enya
  • Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
  • Radioactive – Imagine Dragons


The neckband of the Q1000 is a small horseshoe. I do wish the neckband was a bit larger, as they don’t really come down to the front of my neck but are more to the sides. The band is very flexible, but sturdy.

The earbud wires are attached to the side modules, which contain the batteries and other electronics. This is an advantage over non-neckband style earbuds because most of the electronics needed to run them are in the neckband. The wires are clipped along the neckband and the clips can be adjusted to give you some more length for the earbuds.

The right module contains all the controls, which include a multi-function button (MFB), volume up/down/next song/previous song, on/off switch, micro-USB charging port, and the microphone for phone calls. When the earbuds are not in use, you can let them dangle down and they magnetically attach to each other forming a little necklace. I did find it difficult to adjust the position of the clips to adjust the length of the earbud wires. But once you have them adjusted, the clips should stay in place.

Pairing and Controls

Pairing was quite simple. Just turn them on and if they’re not already paired, they will enter pairing mode. If you need to pair them again, just hold the MFB about 10-seconds and the guiding voice will announce that it’s in pairing mode.

The controls are fairly easy to operate, however, at first I found myself fumbling around for the on/off switch. After getting used to wearing the Q1000 I had no issues with the controls. You will need to develop some muscle memory so you can access the controls by touch.

Listening Experience

Now the important part: the listening experience! The earbuds were pretty comfortable in my ears, and my ears were not sore after listening for an extended period. The sound quality was good for earbuds — not on the same level as the new Spigen Legato Arc or Leophile Zero (both have reviews coming up), but they do have a good sound. The sound is not flat, but there’s also not a lot of detail either. The headphones are fine for casual listening.

Multi-Function Button

The Multi-function Button (MFB) can be used to summon Siri or the Google Assistant. You can then ask for a song or playlist or to call out for a pizza order. To make a phone call, you can use your phone to place the call or hold the MFB down for two seconds and you’ll hear your assistant come to life. You can then ask it to make a phone call or for the latest weather. If your music is playing, it will pause while you’re talking to your assistant or while making phone calls.

Haptic Feedback and Phone Calls

For incoming phone calls, the neckband does vibrate, but not at earthquake levels. It’s hard to miss the vibration all together, so it’s a good thing there’s a ringtone and an announcement of the caller’s phone number. It would be nice if the Q1000 accessed your contacts and actually told you the name of the caller, but since it doesn’t, you’ll have to know who 123-555-1212 belongs to or just take a chance and answer the call. If you don’t want to take the call, just hold down the MFB for two seconds and your caller will be sent to voicemail.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a set of earbuds for yourself or someone as a gift, you can’t go wrong with the Q1000 for under $20.

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