How to watch YouTube TV on Fire TV using Silk Browser

2 min read

Amazon recently added their Silk Web Browser to the Fire TV lineup. This full web experience had previously only been available on the Fire OS tablet devices but Amazon has opened access to the latest generation of TV streaming devices as well.

While the Fire TV on it’s on allows for almost any streaming service available, those of us invested in the Google ecosystem have a newcomer to the live TV market that’s been missing: YouTube TV. Well, I’m going to help walk you through the surprising steps to unlock this on the Fire TV using the Silk Browser.

Install Silk Browser

We can’t do any of this without Silk installed. So, if you don’t already have it running already, we need to make that happen. The quickest way is to hold the Alexa Voice button on the remote and say “Silk Browser”. This should launch the Fire app store and land directly on the app’s listing. Then click install and wait for the app to become available. You will know it’s ready when the Install icon changes to the Open. If you don’t have the voice-enabled remote you can go the long route of launching the app store and searching as well.

Change the Settings to Enable Desktop Sites

By default, the Silk Browser defaults to the mobile version of websites. This is accomplished by first launching Silk Browser. Once launched, you need to hit the Menu button on your remote. This will bring up the Search/URL bar and some options via the browser. We want the second one from the right: Request Desktop Site. Without it, the device will consistently drop you into a mobile page that only links to the Google Play Store link for YouTube TV on Android.

Navigate to YouTube TV and login to account

Guess what? We will need that Menu button again or the Voice button. You can enter the URL either way. Once we’ve hit the landing page you will need to log into your Google account. This is exactly like any other device. Enter your user and password to get going. Afterwards, you should be presented with the YouTube TV homepage.


Congratulations! You should now be able to use YouTube’s great live TV page to watch live channels even on Fire TV. There does seem to be a little more stutter on the Fire TV Stick I have than I see on my desktop, but this is understandable and I would be surprised if the more powerful Fire TV units don’t result in better performance. Otherwise, enjoy this simple “hack” to get YouTube TV on your Fire TV.