Don’t have a headphone jack? Here are some affordable USB-C audio solutions

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There’s a new trend among smartphones. The 3.5mm headphone jack is dying. The Pixel 2, HTC U series, and Moto Z Force have all opted to remove the standard input from their latest releases. As with many transitions, it’s going to take some time for accessory manufacturers time to catch up to the new norm. After all, the current solution of terrible dongles just won’t do for most of us.

I am fortunate to get to review phones like many of us here at YTE, and I’ve been on the search for cheap solutions to my wired audio listening. I know that Bluetooth is the proposed future of audio, but there are certain instances where I’d much rather have a wired headphone. My main one is while traveling. I refuse to carry another device to charge while on the road or flying. Thankfully, I’ve found a pair of solutions for this scenario on Amazon.

Sunwe USB type C Headphones

They have a name you may not recognize, but they offer a simple solution for my problem. The Sunwe give me a USB-C headphones that are literally plug-and-play. No gimmicks, no dongles. Just USB-C to audio in your ears. You also get familiar controls with the inline module on the cable for play, pause, previous, next, calls, and volume with a long press. The audio quality isn’t amazing, but for around $20, I’d put them up against other 3.5mm options in the same price range. There’s also multiple colors to choose from: black, blue, gray, and gold.

Get the Sunwe at Amazon

Acessorz USB-C to audio jack cable

We have a total package solution in the Sunwe, but that left all my over-the-ear headphones out in the cold with no playtime on my new Pixel 2. Fortunately, my search found another cheap selection for this headphone form factor. Another unfamiliar name from Acessorz offers a USB-C to 3.5mm audio jack converter cable that works perfectly! If you have over-the-ear headphones that have 3.5mm input, then this is the cable you’ve been needing. I’ve had no issues and I’ve seen little to no drop off in performance using this versus the traditional cable. And the best thing? It’s less than $11.

Get the Acessorz at Amazon

As we mentioned earlier, there’s an understood transition time for any new changes in standard with tech. However, it’s nice that companies are already starting to recognize this problem and offering some decent budget solutions.

I can also confirm that both the Acessorz and Sunwe work with my Dell XPS laptop as well. I even tried them with the Moto Z Play that has both a USB-C port and a 3.5mm jack to see what happened. The USB-C options both worked just as they did on my Pixel unless you also plug in another traditional pair of headphones in the 3.5mm port. This seems to override the USB-C audio out. Sound off in the comments if you’ve found your own USB-C devices around the web.