AR Stickers have finally arrived for Google’s Pixel phones

2 min read

Watching Eleven from Stranger Things teach a Demogorgon a lesson using AR Stickers was one of the most exciting parts of the Pixel 2 launch presentation. This was accomplished using a feature called AR Stickers. With AR Stickers, your phone becomes capable of showing fun characters or text on the screen that can actually interact with your surroundings. Now, they’re finally rolling out.

Unfortunately, for most of us, AR Stickers are exclusive to Pixel phones only at the moment. The good news is for those of you lucky enough to have a Pixel phone is Google has an early Christmas gift for you. Starting today AR Stickers are rolling out with an app update to Pixel phones running Android 8.1.

The stickers are built directly into the camera app making it easy to add some fun to your photos without many extra steps. All you have to do is enter AR Sticker mode, choose a sticker pack, and drop them directly onto the scene. Stickers can be moved around, resized, rotated, and they will even interact with your surroundings as well as each other.

Thanks to AR Stickers you will now have a host of virtual characters, emojis, and text you can add directly to your photos and videos to share with friends or on your favorite social network. At launch the stickers will be limited to characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Netflix’s Stranger Things, as well as Foodmoji, 3D Text, and celebration stickers. Now over the holidays, you can have fun with R2D2, Eleven, and there is even a fun Easter Egg with the champagne bottle to check out. More sticker packs are expected in the future, so keep an eye out around holidays, big cultural events, seasonal changes, and more.

Source: Google Blog