1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones Review: Premium price, quality, and lots of clarity

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If you haven’t heard of 1MORE yet then you’re not alone — up until two months ago I had never heard of them either. After some research online, I was surprised at how highly rated their headphones were and I decided to try them out for myself. So far, I’ve reviewed their Triple Driver and Dual Driver ANC Lightning Headphones. Their Quad Driver Headphones are the most expensive pair I’ve reviewed to date, so read on to see how they compare!


Once again 1MORE impresses with their packaging by using a large box packed full of accessories. Not only does it come with six pairs of silicone ear tips but they also include three pairs of foam tips. These tips are similar to Comply foam tips in the way that after squeezing them and placing in your ear, they expand for a better seal and a more secure fit. However, they feel more durable than Comply tips and I believe they would stand up to more abuse.

The embroidered hard leather case with a magnetic closure is a nice touch and will keep your headphones from being squashed or crushed. 1MORE also includes an airplane adapter, metal shirt clip, and 1/4″ headphone adapter. Without a doubt, you’ll be able to keep your headphones protected, find a good fit, and have plenty of connection options.


The earbuds on the 1MORE Quad Driver Headphones are quite large and for good reason: they contain four drivers. The design mimics a jet engine, which makes for a slick looking pair of headphones. They also use high-quality materials such as aluminum, giving them a premium and sturdy feel.

The cable uses a Kevlar core that provides plenty of strength to survive day to day use. The cable also includes oxygen-free copper for optimum sound quality. There was nothing wrong with the cable overall, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the braided cables found on the Triple Driver and Dual Driver ANC Lightning headphones I reviewed previously.

The inline controls were a huge step up, as they feature an all-metal design with buttons that provide a satisfying click when pressed. They were laid out better than the Triple Driver Headphones and had a higher quality feel.

Sound Quality

1MORE’s Quad Driver Headphones are THX certified and are tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. As the name suggests, they include four drivers. It’s like having four speakers in each ear when you play your music!

In theory, you should hear a full and balanced sound from these four drivers. In reality, I found that the 1MORE Quad Driver Headphones provide a ton of clarity with the high end being quite strong. Unfortunately, the high end was so strong I found it overwhelmed the bass, leading to songs lacking some of the impact I enjoy while listening to music.

If you are a fan of super clear audio with good instrument separation and a little less bass, you will be satisfied with these headphones. If you are like me and prefer your music to have little more oomph and impact from a stronger bass response, you would be happier with the cheaper pair of 1MORE Triple Driver Headphones.

Final Thoughts

There is no getting around it, these headphones look great, come with lots of accessories, and feature the kind of quality you’d expect when paying $199. My only criticism would be that I prefer stronger bass from my headphones. I’m in no way a bass head, but a little extra in the low end really helps bring music to life for me. However, sound is an extremely personal subject and what is right for some isn’t right for all. For those looking for a little less bass and more clarity in their music, the 1MORE Quad Driver Headphones deliver with plenty of accessories and premium quality. If you’d like to pick up a pair then use the links below.

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