YourTechExplained Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

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The holidays are drawing nearer and you know what that means, you’re almost out of shopping days. Now is the perfect time to grab some stocking stuffers before it’s too late. Take a look at some of the team’s favorite accessories and last minute gift ideas to spoil your friends, family, or even yourself.


Andrew’s Picks


Anker PowerCore Speed

The one thing that all our gadgets need are a good power source. Unfortunately, a traditional outlet isn’t always readily available. But don’t stress out! Anker has you covered with the PowerCore Speed. This portable battery pack has Quick Charge 3.0 capabilities while you are on the go. Whether you’re buying for a frequent flyer in the family, or the camper enjoying the outdoor life, the PowerCore Speed is a perfect stocking stuffer for under $40. And since it uses a standard USB output, the unit will work with just about any mobile device.

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AiCase Bamboo Apple Charging Station

Have an Apple fan in the family? Maybe one with a shiny new iPhone and Apple Watch? The AiCase Bamboo Charging station is an awesome and stylish addition to their nightstand. This little wooden station allows for beautiful way to charge both an iPhone and Apple Watch for under $10. It also utilizes the existing chargers without the need of additional cables.

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Jason’s Picks


Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is a great feature that allows you to charge up your phone without fighting with cables. If you have a flagship phone made in the last year from Apple, LG, or Samsung, then you can take advantage of this convenient technology. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, LG G6, V30, Samsung S8, S8+, and Note 8 all support wireless charging. Even if you own an older Samsung phone made in the past couple of years you won’t be left out with this one. Fair warning if you care about quick charging, wireless charging is slower but Samsung phones do support wireless fast charging. There are many different brands and styles to choose from depending if you want one that lies flat or stands your phone up. Check the links below to browse the selections or to see one of my favorites the with a bamboo wood design.

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Touchscreen Gloves

We’ll all spend some time outside this winter but don’t let that stop you from using your gadgets. Gloves with conductive fibers in the fingers are here to save the day. Thanks to the conductive material in the thumb and forefinger your screen will register the touch and you won’t have to freeze your hands just to check your messages and emails. These are perfect for all of us addicted to our phones while on the go. These come in a range of different materials such as leather, fleece, or knit to match anyone’s style. Hit the links below to browse the different styles on Amazon or pick up the ones pictured below from Metog that I ordered awhile back.

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MicroSD Cards

You can never have too much storage in your devices. Whether it’s pictures and music on your phone, games on your Nintendo Switch, or 4K video from your drone, MicroSD cards are there to give you all the space you could want. This would be great for most techies on your list because they are likely to have at least one gadget that uses a microSD card. Even if they already have a microSD card these are easy to lose so a back up never hurts, or they might enjoy an upgrade to a larger card. I wouldn’t go any lower than 64GB and personally I prefer the 128GB cards. I’ve used ones from Sandisk and Samsung and had great luck with both brands. If you’re lucky you can grab one during one of the frequent sales they have. Be aware, if you plan on recording 4K video you should try picking a card with U3 supported speeds.

64GB Sandisk U1 128GB Sandisk U1 Samsung U3 microSD cards

Amazon Gift cards

It’s no secret Amazon kinda dominates the retail space these days between their quick shipping and variety of products they offer. No matter who is on your list they can find something they want from Amazon. If you’re looking for a last minute gift or just don’t know what they want then you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card. Amazon makes them easy to order and you can choose from digital delivery, print out your own, or even have them mail a physical gift card.


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Keyan’s Picks


Spigen Accessories

One of the best things about major phones is that they generally have a bunch of accessories to outfit them with. A major 3rd party company making accessories for many of the flagship phones out today is Spigen. Spigen makes a huge series of cases and screen protector for many devices, so if you have a loved one that is getting a new device, help them protect it with Spigen gear.

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iTunes/Google Play Gift Cards

If Amazon isn’t specifically your thing, or if you know your friends or family is more addicted to mobile content, give them an iTunes or Google Play gift card. Gift cards nowadays can do so much more than just buy apps. You can use them for songs and other media, subscriptions to services, even cloud storage space. Sometimes, you can even get deals on them if buying them at higher dollar amounts!

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Thanks for joining the YourTechExplained team once again for this holiday gift guide! We hope you’ve found this series helpful, and if you want to see more gift guides in the future, let us know by leaving us a comment below or on social media!