Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo Review: Expandable Storage for your Photography Needs

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With the release of the new iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, iPhone cameras have never been more in the spotlight. The only problem with the stunning hi-res photos and 4K videos that the phones can capture is the storage they take up. With the latest iPhones, you’re only getting 2 choices of storage options, the base model and an upgraded model for at least $100 more. With the Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo (Bolt) you get an easily removable storage accessory that allows you to take more shots without having to worry about storage space.

Kingston is a company known for making all sorts of storage devices (SD cards, SSDs, etc), making it no surprise that they’ve made essentially a USB drive for iOS devices. The focus with the Bolt though is on media, so don’t expect to use it with all different types of files. You can only let your photographer side thrive with the Bolt.

The Bolt Duo itself looks almost identical to a small USB drive. One end is USB 3.0 while the other is a lightning port. There is a squared part in the middle with the Kingston lightning logo that allows you to grip the Bolt easily. You also get a rounded, rubber keychain holder for the Bolt to have it always on your person. The holder is cut in a way that allows you to bend it back to reveal the lightning port while keeping the Bolt snug in place.

Kingston’s Bolt not only gives your iOS devices extra storage to use for pictures and videos, it also allows for easy transfers to a computer with the other end being USB A. You can not only transfer pictures to the Bolt but actually take pictures/videos directly onto the accessory. Transfering pictures from one iOS device to another is as simple as plug and transfer (as long as you have the app).

Speaking of the app, since the Bolt only handles media, it’s dead simple. When you first load the app, you’ll see a quick graph of available storage on the Bolt and your iPhone’s internal storage. There are also three options: transfer, capture, and view — all pretty self-explanatory. Settings give you a concise list of app security, camera quality, and a quick way to format the Bolt. Quick note, the Bolt app is optimized for the iPhone X.

The Bolt comes in 3 different storages sizes: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB, and priced at $60, $90, and $120 respectively. While they aren’t the cheapest mobile flash drives out there, they are spec’d well and have a company you can trust backing the product. Also, remember when you upgrade storage on your iPhone or iPad it’s stuck to that devices, while the Bolt is easily removable.

Kingston’s Datatraveler Bolt Duo is a great little device for those that are obsessed with pictures and videos, and sharing them to different devices. It serves a very specific purpose, and if you’re in the market for something to help out with your storage management then the Bolt is for you. I do somewhat wish that Kingston made a more all-purpose mobile flash drive though…

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Thanks Kingston for allowing us to review the Bolt!