AT&T is looking to launch 5G in select markets in 2018

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AT&T is speeding into the new year with big plans to be one of the first to launch a 5G network. Don’t get your hopes up too high, however, because it’s not expected until the end of 2018 and only in around a dozen cities. Regardless, this is still exciting news, and thanks to AT&T’s work with the international wireless standards body 3GPP 5G, standards have been finalized. With the radio standards finalized, chipset makers and manufacturers can now begin work on devices to take advantage of 5G networks.

This includes faster speeds for tasks such as 4K video streaming, virtual reality, driverless cars, and more. Along with faster speeds, 5G networks will also bring lower latency times. These lower latency times will be paramount for the future of internet services, for instance when you are using a digital assistant this will shorten your wait time for a response. Another possibility is the ability for driverless cars to communicate with the cloud and make real-time decisions based on traffic.

This year will certainly be an exciting one as 5G networks begin to roll out, but just remember it will only be in a limited amount of cities. There is no official word on which cities will be on the list this year to get access to 5G but you can assume it will be one of the 23 cities AT&T where launched their 5G Evolution. These cities include Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Bridgeport, Buffalo, Chicago, Fresno, Greenville, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Tulsa, and Sacramento.

Source: AT&T